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Good Night

What a great night! After my workout and a shower my future FIL handed me a glass of red wine (thank you!) and since the future MIL had been given 11 overripe bananas for moi to work some magic on, I got busy. My favorite way to bake is with music and a red wine in hand ūüôā

I’m quite proud of myself. I made the following tonight:

Double batch of these easy  Banana Oat Cookies . Check out the recipe, they were a cinch. Though I only got 30 cookies out of it instead of 4 dozen, but I like to make fatty sized cookies!

I made my usual Vegan Banana Bread and again added coconut and chocolate chips. Always a hit.

But the pride of my night were the cookies I just made up! My FMIL is a fit fitness lady and so I thought maybe I could find a protein bar type cookie to make her that included her protein powder and she requested no sugar added. I perused a few protein cookie recipes but none were exactly what I wanted so I just thought I’d give my own recipe a go. ¬†And it worked!


Look at these babies! This gave me 12 protein cookies. ¬†Here’s what I did

Banana Protein Cookies

  • preheat oven to 180C (about 325F – remember I’m in Oz)
  • in a medium bowl mash 2 bananas
  • add 1.5 cups oats, vanilla, 4 scoops protein powder, 2 whole eggs, cinnamon, chia seeds and chocolate chips
  • drop in cookie form on a prepared cookie sheet (I used baking paper instead of oiling the sheet)
  • bake about 20 minutes or until firm



It’s not exact, I never measure cinnamon, chia, vanilla or chocolate chips, I just put some in until it looks/feels right. ¬†I tasted half a cookie – half because I’d had 2 of the other cookies and I’m full as all hell. It was good though, some people might want to add sweetener, they’re not super sweet but they’re a thick consistency.








Oh and just prove I don’t ALWAYS wear workout clothes I managed to take two pictures of me in something other then yoga pants and a sports bra. It just so happens I only take these pictures in the bathroom. Oh well! Here you go, toilet paper and all:

¬†I heart Baddies ūüôā








 a dress AND boots?! Fancy!


Moving On..

I was right, I am better then any negative feelings that crop up. ¬†I slept in hardcore today but I woke up feeling good, feeling ready! ¬†I knew today would be a light workout day if I had any at all. We’re going to…the ATP tonight! I’m really excited, I get all crazy around professional athletes!

But I actually did have time for my workout so I did my bodyrock – which, yes, did include 100 weighted squats. ¬†I did all 100 with no regrets, I let the feelings come in and then go out again. Although I didn’t hold a weight. ¬†I finished the 600 rep workout in 15 minutes. ¬†Then I did Seans workout that simply consisted of doing bicep curls for 3 minutes (I did 57, slowly) and then bent over rows for 3 minutes (65 total). ¬†I like their ¬†workouts but I afterwards I always feel like I haven’t worked out enough. That’s the positive effects of having worked on endurance in the not so distant past. That’s okay. I will run at least once this weekend, I’m sure of it. That will be my lengthy workout. However since I was still wanting a bit more I finally tried the Tara Stiles podcasts. Have I found a new love? I did her 6 minute sun salutations twice through and in all honesty I feel much more open, the legs feel less bulky. ¬†Good stuff. Why have I resisted yoga so much?


This is my squat face – and my bedhead…









So I have two finds for you to check out:

1. the free Tara Styles podcasts on iTunes, they’re VIDEOS so you can yoga newbs like me can follow along (just search Tara Stiles in podcasts). ¬†There’s all kind of videos for different things, some longer some shorter. I’m excited to try her abs routines…

2. for everyone who can’t afford a gymboss or something like that to do bodyrock or HIIT workouts there’s a FREE easy stopwatch online!!! Check this baby out! ¬†you can even set it for 50 seconds, it’ll beep and then you just count to ten and restart it (if you’re doing bodyrock you understand). ¬†That’s what I’ve been doing for ALL of Lisa-Marie’s workouts. ¬†See, no excuses you can find a way to do anything!

oh and yesterday I made my standard banana bread from The Post Punk Kitchen as per usual. And true to form I changed a few things – I only used 1/4 cup of EVOO instead of margarine and I added shredded coconut and chocolate chips (okay, I always add chocolate chips). We had an amazing family dinner last night outside around a burning chimenea and my MIL made my favorite dinner ever – roasted veggies covered in tomato basil sauce!!! The bread came out with dessert and I’m happy to say there’s only like, one piece left. SUCCESS!!!

If you’re vegan or even if you’re not and are just curious check out ¬†Isa Chandra is amazing and she’s the first vegan I started following when I first went vegan in 2007. ¬†I even have one of her cook books but one day I will have ALL HER COOKBOOKS!!! mUaHaHaHa!!

This $$hit is Banana’s!

Inspired by my sis and her perfect storm of bananas, I’m rounding out the evening with some banana bread bake-age! ¬†I’m experimenting so, this one may or may not be edible. ¬†I always use Isa Chandra’s basic banana bread recipe¬†from The Post Punk Kitchen website. I’ve been using it for years. I always add chocolate chips, extra cinnamon and sub olive oil for margarine. ¬†But this time I decided against the chocolate chips. ¬†To me, banana bread without chocolate seems a sacrilege but Dan isn’t a chocolate lover and he prefers his bread sans the chocolate chips so, I’m trying it. ¬†I also wanted to try using the gluten free rice flour (read – I wanted to use it before we moved).

Methinks I should have mixed it with another flour, but I didn’t have another so we’ll see. ¬†I also halved the sugar (I usually do that) and added pumpkin pie spice instead of allspice and threw in some chia seeds. ¬†Muahahahaha I’m an evil banana bread scientist!!!



My banana bread process is a little off the map but it works for me!  I always sift the dry ingredients together first and set aside.

Then I chop up bananas into a separate bowl





Then I pour in the milk and oil (remember I don’t use butter/margarine) ¬†and mash it up with a fork – this is the fun part





Then add the sugar to the banana slop. Mmmmm looks like soup…





Add that to the dry mixture









Pour into loaf pan and bake:





This is how I get away with using 2 bowls, 1 fork and 2 measuring cups and that’s it!! ¬†I wasn’t sure if the bread was going to be tasty, the batter wasn’t with the rice flour. Usually I make myself sick licking the chocolate chip-liscious batter of this bread. Not this time, the texture is gritty.

¬†(waiting for the “ding”)




However this is the finished product:





It was really good! It baked in 15 minutes, crusty on the outside, chewy/moist on the inside. ¬†Still too sweet, I could put even less sugar in it. And the texture doesn’t seem to be any different from regular flour, it just has a slightly different aftertaste. ¬†Not too shabby! Even Dboyy approves. Score


These are a few of my favorite things:




Chocolate Chips


Yeah that’s right, I said it. ¬†Today I indulged in ALL of the aforementioned favorites.

First off I tried a fruit that my roommate recommended.

¬†Let me introduce you to the Thai Pommelo… or maybe you’re already acquainted but I wasn’t. ¬†I love it. ¬†It’s everything I love about grapefruit without the stuff I hate – bitter, sour aftertaste. ¬†It’s not very sweet so it’s not like an orange. ¬†And it’s gigantic. ¬†and very rubbery in texture. Although I didn’t snap a picture of it before I peeled it, it’s the size of my head and has green skin. The skin was harder to get off then I imagined, I threw around a few f-bombs.

I think the little pieces would be really good scattered over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (vegan or regular, depending on what you like!) and yes, my mind does always head straight to dessert, even when I’m eating fruit for breakfast. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m trying to get along better with my camera, instead of feeling like a made a huge $600 mistake (although that’s kind of how I feel). ¬†So buckle up, I’m going to be working on my photography skills…

After work all I could think about was my sushi date with Dan and the balls I’d be having later! ¬†You may have noticed that I’m not actually vegan like I had planned to be. ¬†There has been dairy, fish, chicken and even beef in my diet of late (okay maybe just a bite of beef from Dan’s dinner but it still counts) and I feel like I owe you an explanation. ¬†I feel like I owe myself the ability to not feel guilty about my food choices. ¬†There’s a niggling voice in my head that feels I’m more my self when I am eat vegan, when I think vegan. ¬†And I’ve found myself researching the connection between eating meat and cancer, the immune system and overall health. ¬†But that is a post all it’s own. ¬†Phew, I’m glad at least to have the confession off my chest. ¬†I feel like I’ve been hiding something

So this was the perfect after work feed my face date.  I was starving and loved every bite!

Then it was time for the rest of my favorites on the list to come together.

As you know I have a raging sweet tooth and I’ve been trying to get creative on how to satisfy it without giving myself diabetes. ¬†Plus I like the idea of being able to eat sweets whenever I want and not have to be on a diet or anything. ¬†Luckily I don’t have to be creative because other bloggers have been for me! I’ve long thought to copy Averie from Love, Veggies and Yoga in her freezer full of cookie dough balls. ¬†She seems to savor her nightly treats as much as I do, I just haven’t even attempted to get the ingredients and whip it up and it wouldn’t be in my freezer it’d be in Dan’s. ¬†Plus their base is nuts and I’m allergic to all nuts (though I figure I could use sunflower seeds?). I keep trying to fool myself to try something as I have terrible peanut butter cravings and I love roasted and raw nuts of all kinds. ¬†But, alas, I don’t want my throat to close up (plus the face and neck rash I got last time I ate peanut butter was NOT sexy). Check out her site though, she’s amazing and her recipes make me salivate all over my keyboard.

Yesterday I happened to be browsing Chocolate Covered Katie and I decided, it was finally time for cookie dough ball action! ¬†I’m just going to link to her recipe because her whole site is amazing and you’ll thank me for it if you haven’t already discovered her delectable experiments.¬†I used oatflour and the fat free option (which just means no vegan butter in it. I assure you there’s fat in my nondairy chocolate chips)





I also tried to make one batch with the rest of my unhealthy (white) flour and sprinkles instead of chocolate chips but it turned out really wet. ¬†They’re in the freezer now… perhaps they’ll firm up? Don’t know but it doesn’t matter. ¬†The second batch of chocolate chip ones I halved the sugar – I only put in 1 Tblsp of brown sugar and nothing more. they were just as good, just sweet enough (and I’m a sugar fiend).

The chocolate chip ones are amazing and I can’t believe how not terrible for you they are. ¬†AND they survived the ultimate test. Dan tried them and thought they were really delicious, and rich, almost too rich. ¬†I think I sampled like 4 balls and some of the batter pre-ball shape and a lot of¬†chocolate chips which leads me to my caution – I think in dough, as I’ve found in my personal life, that more than 2 balls at a time just causes trouble. ¬†So I’ll be practicing the 2 ball rule from now on…

New Favorite

I am a genius! ¬†I have been having wicked sugar cravings lately. ¬†Probably post vacation stuff. ¬†And while I did, again, indulge in a little sugar fest today, tonight I was craving something sweet. ¬†I thought maybe hot tea would take the edge off. ¬†But while I was concocting Dan’s tea I had an idea! We have chocolate protein powder that’s just languishing in the cabinet. ¬†So I heated up half a cup of milk and started stiring in a few spoonfuls of the protein powder. ¬†I topped the cup with the boiling water and kept stirring. ¬†Voila! ¬†protein powder hot cocoa! and it’s delicious! This may have to be my new bedtime snack as I bet half a pound of jelly beans each night won’t sit quite as nicely on the thighs…

How I Roll

So what’s a girl to do when she’s “not feelin’ it” ?

Go for a 40 minute walk/stroll while listening to Ayn Rands “Atlas Shrugged” (I may be the only person in the world who will admit to being cheered up by Ayn Rand). ¬†I finally washed my Vibram Fivefingers and so I’ll be wearing them more and more to try to keep my hamstrings from damage. For some reason my legs really feel better when I wear them. Guess I’m a barefoot kind of girl!

End up at the local Japanese grocery store and spend 30 minutes perusing all the cool stuff you want to try cooking for Dan one day before leaving Asia. You have no idea the things you can make with Shirataki and other coolness..

Go home, and kiss the boyfriend who wrote this text from work “Hey Baby Girl, read your blog and I just want you to know I love you and I think you’re awesome”. He reads my posts at work. And. He. Still. Loves. Me ūüôā

Make him the most awesome scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese (Dutch Cheddar) and sauteed tomato with a side of free range, organic, australian breakfast sausage. ¬†I’m totally awesome. I wish I’d thought to take a picture of that, it was pretty.

Then whip up this banana bread¬†but this time with chocolate chips, chia, two extra mini banana’s and cinnamon instead of pumpkin pie spice. ¬†Didn’t I tell you I change the recipe nearly every time I make it. ¬†And it always, always gets eaten ūüôā


















Thanks for the encouragement to listen to my body and thanks to my cousin who was concerned about me!  I then looked through my pictures to find a not dead one.  The playing dead picture from the last post was really me trying to take a picture of how my hair is finally long enough to need bobby pins!! AND good luck finding blonde bobby pins in Singapore!

¬†Originally I wanted to get my hair dyed today because my roots are, well, a bit trashy. ¬†But since I’m not decent enough to make a hair appointment (plus I’m on call on Tuesdays so I don’t want to make an appointment until I know I can make it in) they were booked for the day. ¬†Oh well, trashy it is kids! At least it’s growing… yay!

Starting the day off right!

Homemade Mocha
-double shot espresso
-1/4 cup chocolate rice milk
-favorite mug


I decided today was a catch up online and bake banana bread day… at long last! no more procrastinating!! Like I said before I usually use Isa Chandra’s recipe from¬†and then add chocolate chips and sometimes dried cranberries. ¬†Sometimes I take wild liberties with the recipe… like today. ¬†I changed like everything based on my whim and what happened to be in Dizzle’s kitchen.

Here’s the recipe I ended up baking:

3 Mashed Bananas

3/4 cup raw sugar

2 cups wholemeal flour

1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

1/4 cup unsweetened soya milk

an unmeasured pour of vanilla ( like probs 2 tblsp)

1 tsp or so of PUMPKIN PIE SPICE (I couldn’t find the cinnamon!)

I sifted together the flour, baking soda, salt and pumpkin pie spice

in a separate bowl I mashed the bananas then poured in the oil, soya milk, vanilla and sugar and mixed it up but left it a little lumpy

then I poured the dry ingredients into the wet mixture.  Mixed it all up and poured it into the loaf pan (I put a tblsp or so of olive oil in the pan then used a paper towel to wipe the oil all over and into the corners leaving just a slight sheen of oil and soaking most of it into the paper towel.. this always works for me)

I put it into the dinky toaster oven (I guessed what setting would be about 35o Farenheit, but everything is Celcius here, drat, I’m a dumb american) thinking it was going to take 3 hours but in half an hour it came out like this! and got rave reviews from D’s roommates!!! It’s spongy and not thick and moist…. I was poised for disaster. ¬†But no…it’s sweet enough and the whole meal makes it hearty! ¬†I’m bringing some to work for Dizzle…

Enjoy my banana bread slide show… oh and yes I am wearing glasses and a nighty, nothing but class here people!

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