Fit Fetus!

I did it! I ran the 5k today no problem. I had been worried about running while pregnant and have kind of avoided it. I jogged twice in the beginning of my first trimester, hoping to keep up right from the beginning as everyone told me that if you keep up running while you’re pregnant you can run safely, but if you stop its dangerous. However I was exhausted and frightened so after those two jogs I kept to power walking, elliptical and…napping. I’m now in the second trimester but bump is not very big and despite not actually running I’ve kept relatively active – easy cardio, easy strength training and basic conditioning. I’m not winning any awards but I’m keeping a very base level of fitness up. So the other night I tried to jog and it started off really well but omg I had to pee ever 3 minutes and it was so annoying I just power walked with some very short jogging intervals and 2 bathroom stops. ANNOYED.

Today I’d been looking forward to our schools team for the Wage for Hope run – 5k walk or run. I often forget how much I love running. Showing up today I really really wanted to run, but not at the expense of my little miracle baby and nothing is worth putting us in any kind of danger. So i promised myself I could jog easily but had to just stop, walk, leave at any time. Taking that pressure off did the trick. Music on, smile on my face, the energy of people with a common goal (raise money, awareness and remission for Pancreatic Cancer survivors) – all the things I love about being part of the running community- let me start out with an easy jog and finish straight through. At first I had to pee but I told myself this was good kegel training anyway which EVERY pregnancy website encourages anyway. Halfway through i didn’t really feel the urge anymore, mercifully! Three quarters through I felt a little winded so i eased the pace a little but then felt reenergised and pushed A VERY LITTLE BIT. Finished no sweat! Feel fine now. I made sure to hydrate immediately, use the bathroom and about a half an hour later I was ravenous and had packed Clif Bars 🙂

So in summary, I guess I can run while pregnant now! I’ll talk to my doc next week when I see her to get all the precautions and a definite green light. I’m not planning on distance training but if I could 3-4 5ks a week I’d be a very happy girl. I’m planning that next marathon training to start in January after appropriate baby recovery has been had and I’d be overjoyed if some very base mileage could be kept at least for the rest of the second trimester. But again, keeping expectations fluid. Its good right now and I’ll keep assessing as we progress. Me and Fetus are a team and I’m struck with how profound that actually is. This is one very special time in my life where I am symbiotically functioning with another being, soul and body. Our bodies are connected in a way I could never really understand and don’t know that I do fully even now – our blood is the same blood. But I’m amazed and impressed and so very grateful.

Here’s what I’m going to be doing to make runs more likely:
1. Keep mileage short, 5k’s
2. Pee before, run in a place where a bathroom is accessible
3. focus on a light step, minimise bounce!
4. sign up for short races to keep the motivation and have fun
5. read blogs by women who run/ran pregnant like this one!
6. get a belly band as my belly expands


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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