3 Month Plan

While I was at school last night we had a career development class.  We were talking about marketing and goals and branding yourself and I had an idea – not necessarily for my cosmetology career but for me as a performer and my brand as a person.  I’ve always branded myself as a fitness girl, prided myself on my strength and lean look and worked for it.  Over this past year after injury, burnout, moving all over the place, intestinal problems and just a feeling of “blech” I’ve gained weight lost momentum and I’ve been feeling less than – for a while now.  Like it’ll be a year in October.  I had head shots done when I first moved to vegas because I had changed my hair colour to blonde but I requested no body shots as I wasn’t proud of my body at the time.

During the class last night it hit me.  Tomorrow was September 1 (today) and in 3 months it would be December 1 – one month until the new year.  I could schedule a photo shoot for myself on December 1 (or thereabouts) where I could really address my brand – as a dancer and cosmetologist.  Take body shots, action shots, new head shots.  It would allow me to create and follow a 3 month diet and exercise plan to deliver me on December 1st looking and feeling the way I want to feel.  What is planned for is gained.  I can’t keep on hoping to look and feel better, I have to write it out and make a map.  Then I’ll follow the map.  It gives me a full 3 months to really distill what I want my “look” and my brand to be and how I want to enter into 2017.

So I devised a model plan that I think is doable for me and my goals and abilities. What do I want?

  1. lose 20lbs of fat and muscle combined.  I don’t think I can lose 20lbs of just fat, it’ll take some muscle with it too, but that’s ok with me.
  2. Define, define define.  I need to see more ab definition, leg definition and arm tone.
  3. flexibility. not just ambiguous I want a to hold my scorpion and royal dancer pose for a camera shot.

How will I do this?

  1. very specific diet – followed and recorded in MFP
  2. Marathon training through December – even though the marathon is in November.  The training will continue through to December 1 (thats just 2 weeks after the marathon)
  3. yoga, stretching and abs 3 times a week.  This can include the aerial yoga classes I like to take when my friend teaches them 🙂 I can’t always take them because of work but when I can I’m a happy girl.

What is the diet?

I found inspiration in a few places= website that detailed a guys 8 weeks to abs diet – strict paleo, limited fruit + targeted cardio and workouts, my ex’s model shoot diet, the few vegan fitness diets I’d paid for and never used, advice from a handful of career dancers I trust.  I played with them myself and made a mash up that I believe will carry me to the finish line looking lean and happy.

The diet is:

  1. vegan. mostly. I am vegan, I’m happiest vegan.  But I’ve told myself if I am traveling and there is NOTHING vegan I can eat that fits into my plan and makes me feel good then c’est la vie – eggs could happen. and that’s ok (but not what I’m planning for.  it’s my fail safe)
  2. it’s a paleo like vegan diet – vegetables other than roots, minimal raw fruits (not dried cuz I inhale that like candy), tofu/seitan/protein powder, seeds.  So in the end its like higher protein, no grains/breads/pastas/corn/sugar.  lots of water.  The shake down for me is going to look like this: coffee and a banana for breakfast on the go/ protein shake/ salad with tofu/ another protein shake or a banana/ dinner of steamed vegetables and shiritaki noodles (my new favourite thing) maybe with tofu or seitan/ baby carrots and cucumbers for snacks.  You know, typical.  but everything will be measured and the plan is to stick to a 1200 calorie daily diet every day but sunday.  Sunday things change slightly for 2 reasons – I do well with a “cheat” like day, Sundays I do a long run with a friend. So Sunday I start my morning with a long run (11 miles is coming this sunday) and then I shall call it sushi and fro yo sunday.  I love vegetable sushi – love love love.  So I get to have rice in my sushi and fro yo, just on sundays.  It gives me something to look forward to, it’ll spike up my calories, replenish my glycogen stores and make me happy 🙂 I’m wondering if it should be sushi saturday so I have said glycogen stores in there FOR the long run.  Oh and I’ll bring shot blocks or GU’s for my long runs so my calories will rise – no real cap.  other than sushi and fro yo and shot blocks my food will be the same on Sundays.
  3. stay consistent for 3 MONTHS.  no changing diets, no grains, no cakes, no nothing extra. its only 3 months and then I get my photo shoot.
  4. lots of water, green tea, coffee is allowed with measured soy milk/creamer
  5. a vision board is necessary.
  6. I’ll be keeping it all on this blog so you and I can follow along and see how its going and the results.

Now I have to go book the photographer and I know just who I want!! She did my head shots when I first moved to vegas.  She’s quite good and a dancer herself. YES! Day 1, lets get started.

I kinda slept through my alarm so my morning run didn’t happen.  I’m going to take the puppy out and hit the elliptical instead as it’s already 100 degrees outside…..


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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