Making it Work

So, hows it going? Its been a week and I honestly have to say its going well AND I’m going to make a few tweaks.  I’ve been SUUUUPER busy. As in get up at 7:30am, get to school by 9am get home at 5:30pm and head out to boat driving rehearsal at 10pm, get home by 3:30am….sleep a few hours and do it all over again.  I’m tired and a little sore and a little surprised how hard it is to go to school all day (being on my feet) and then learn to steer a gondola (on my feet) at night.  So, in light of that, I ran 3 days in a row – and it felt good- and I haven’t run since I’ve been doing school and rehearsals.  But thats ok, I’m getting a good workout, I promise and as soon as double duty ends I’ll get back to it.  Plus side, it’ll be a bit cooler too.  Nevada summer is kicking my butt a little.

As for keto – its really working too.  I always hate admitting it but my depression goes away nearly instantly and this time is exception.  Within 24 hours of not eating sugar, fruit, grain or carbs over 50 grams for the day I found myself smiling, laughing, just full of joy and it hasn’t waned even though I’m super tired and stressed out.  My gut feels better too.  Here’s the tweak though, I’ve been researching a lot about vegan ketogenic eating and it is possible.  So I picked up some supplies and you know what – there’s a lot out there.  So while I’m not going to say I’m vegan right now as being ketogenic is the most important part of my diet at the moment, I’m going to head that direction.  If I need to eat eggs I will or cheese or even a burger patty, right now, I will.  But with the intention of eating as much vegan options as possible and learning how to eat vegan fat as my food sources ( sun butter, coconut oil/coconut, flax milk, 90%dark chocolate, avocado).  Today I picked up a few things to help.  My natural sun butter of course (I have to be careful with it because I can eat a whole jar in one sitting), Earth Balance “butter”, I found unsweetened flax milk to replace the heavy whipping cream in my coffee, Tofu dogs that have 0 carbohydrates! and some vegan cheese.  My vegan boca burgers are low enough carb to eat for dinner as well with lettuce and my sugar free ketchup.  I have a plantfusion brand protein powder that only has 4 carbohydrates in it and its made of pea protein.  I think this could actually work!

Off to pass out…zzzzzzzz




About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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