Total Running Rambling…

I’m back into running and it’s feeling so good! 4 out of the 5 days past where spent running (that one was a rest day and I was jonesing to run but knew I had to follow my plan and take the day off – I did however go for a long walk) and I’m loving it.  The one thing I’m facing is extreme tightness in my lower back, hamstring and hip. I’ve always had tight hamstrings and calves and running exacerbates that, so I have to stretch them out all the time.  But I’m a naturally flexible person and I’ve done a lot of work to preserve and further my back, groin, neck and shoulder flexibility. I’ve never before had the pain in my lower back that I’ve been experiencing the last 3 days. At first I thought I was just tight from running again. But I’m even getting headaches and when I stretch my neck it hurts into my lower back and hip. I did yoga yesterday and I wasn’t able to do plough pose…that pose is usually like childs pose for me. Pain shot through to my eye. I thought maybe my shoes are not good for running outside for me – they’re minimal, a Vibram/Nike fusion called New Balance Minimus Zero Trail. I’ve never had lower back pain from running. Even after stretching I’ve been hurting. So yesterday I ran in different shoes, totally not running shoes though, they were Nike high tops like these. You see, I’m not a real runner (yet?), I’m an amateur trying things out. I’ve never really “trained”, never had a coach. I pretty much just go outside or on a treadmill and run-er, jog if you’re technical. Pretty sure I’m slow as. I’ve never worked on pacing or stride or strategy. Hell, I don’t even bring water or gels. So I’m not really that in the know. I just feel like if barefoot, underfed kids in Kenya can run for fun and be awesome, I can run in any shoes and eat like the privileged American I am and do just fine. But something has been hurting my back and I’m not 19 anymore. I’m really lucky to be 31 and still have a dancing career. I perform with people 10-12 years younger then me and I keep up – but the secret is that I’ve been doing maintenance work on my body since I was 10 years old – conditioning, classes, strength training, massages, careful nutrition. It’s more necessary now then it was then. 

Well, it could be the shoes, but I ran in the New Balance shoes again today and then took the time to stretch out my legs, back, calves and hips afterward. I noticed that sickling my right foot caused a stretch from my ankle, to my hip, to my back and if I sickled my foot and tucked my chin to my chest that stretch was painful from my left eye, down my back, hip to right ankle. It’s the broken ankle. Why didn’t I think of that? The physio had told me I’d need to stretch MORE in that are when I started running again. I keep forgetting that I had an injury and so it requires extra attention. 

However, all of that said, it feels really good to get back into the running swing, so to speak. I’m addicted to my time jogging outside and also to listening to audiobooks.  I used to solely listen to music to run, I felt like I had to be distracted to keep going. But I like the silences and pauses listening to books offers and also the engaging of my thoughts. I’ve already ploughed through 2 books and started a third in just a week. My running has all of a sudden gotten more expensive…


Here’s some of my running views…


The shoes in question. They’re just so light and easy to pack!



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