Sunday Funday

Yesterday I finally got a great run in. It’s been a bit harder then I imagined to get back into running fitness after several months off due to my ankle and then transitions from the ship to the holidays in Australia. There’s been really hot days (115 F) and then the fires kept me from running until finally Saturday I went for an amazing hour run and I realised I miss training for a race so I’m looking over a few programs to follow loosely. I followed that up with a body balance class this morning with the MIL and a 30 minute run where I pushed my pace a bit.  I’m finding that my favourite thing to do is find out where everyone is meeting and plan to run to them! I’ve done it 3 times since I’ve been here and it rocks! I run, literally, for coffee as usually we’re meeting for coffee. Although yesterday I ran to the gym where MIL workout so we could go see a Traditional Chinese medicine doc together. Then we had coffee 🙂

The TCM took my pulse, looked at my tongue and asked me some questions. Then he gave me some pills that are all herbal. We’ll see what they do for me! My MIL got given a tea to drink every morning. 

Today however, is one of my favourite days of the week! After my workouts this morning, we had coffee with friends and family at The Jolly miller. Later on we’ll all head into the city for a walk around. My FIL took me to his meditation class last week and we’re doing it again today! Then dinner in the city. I’m spoiled 🙂 I’m soaking up all the family time I can!

as far as my dilemmas go with nutrition, I’ve made an important decision and one I’ll have to remind myself of often – I’m stepping away from it and focusing on training only. I know fuelling your training is important, but my “diet” has been a huge source of stress and I’m always changing things and chasing that one diet that one time that made me the skinniest. I’ve read Intuitive Eating and I’m rereading it. Every. Day. I want to think of training harder because I don’t think I’ve achieved anything fitness wise over the past few years except to stay basically fit and within the same 8lbs. That’s not very inspiring. and I love running and I need to feel flexible for our upcoming shows. 

So, I’m eating – usually what people would call healthy foods-when I’m hungry without judging. And I’m focusing on running. I’ve never gained intensity, I like to keep a comfortable (slow) pace and increase how long I spend running. But it’s time to get faster, push speeds, train hills and repeats and do some fartleks. Perhaps to do a race before I get back on a boat? Abs and yoga and SHORT bodyweight circuits will be thrown in when necessary. 

That’s my update. I’m going to go meditate on detaching from outcomes….


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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