My Body, the Machine

Waaaaah, I’m sick! Every time I get sick and it lasts for more then a day I panic trying to remember what it feels like to be well. I find myself asking “it won’t be like this forever right? I’ll get better?” Let this be a reminder at how grateful I am for my health in general.  

This ones a bad one and it got me thinking, how on earth is my immune system this low? Yeah, I was stressed the last few weeks of work and my work is active and there was long taxing travel to come back here and my life is, as always, up in the air. BUT I wasn’t any more busy or stressed on the ship then normal people with normal jobs. In fact I’m less stressed (lets be honest, no ones life is at stake if I mess up) and I probably get a lot more down time then the average adult. However, as I was analysing my health I realised something – I danced and worked on an untreated broken ankle for 7 months. I forced my body to heal itself under pressure and stress – more then just walking around on it, we’re talking leaping, turning, running, lifting. And IT DID. After 4 months without time of I had a physio check out my ankle (and other various old injuries – hello rotator cuff) and he said despite the lack of rest, my bone healed itself. my body is amazing. Perhaps it makes sense that after the work was done and our lost bags were found that my immune system collapsed under pressure – cold, fever, bacterial infection. I guess I can give it a few days in bed and douse it in herbal tea.

However I feel like the worst house guest ever. I’ve been a tired mucosy bed-ridden adult for 3 days now. I’m like a dog too, I hide when I’m sick (I assume when I’m dying I’ll do the same), I tuck myself away from people (including Dan) to snot and puke or what have you in privacy. I don’t like other people seeing me sneeze or cleaning up my sick, it bothers me. So I’m also an anti-social house guest at the moment. Fortunately I have like the best in-laws on the planet – kind, compassionate, understanding.  

Now, I’m off to get back in bed for the 3rd time today so I can google secrets of people who never get sick. I plan to be one of those people in 2014.Image


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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