It’s time to write again.

I live a charmed life. At the moment I’m living on a Norwegian Cruise ship, dancing in the production shows and sharing a cabin with Dan. Let me point out that I am 31 years old and my fellow cast members include a 19 year old, a 22 year old ect, ect. Can I just say that it is a dream come true that at my age I get to spend my days wearing spandex and glitter and kicking my leg to my nose. And the fact that my body does all this with minimal complaints is something I will not fail to be grateful for. Now, I sleep more then the kids but when I’m leaping, turning and generally getting funky, I kick it 19 year old style. That is something to be proud of, and I am. Through all the shit I put my body and soul through, I find myself in this youthful job at an age where my parents had multiple children and a mortgage (not that that isn’t just what they wanted, they were lucky to get what they worked for too!) I find myself sailing to different islands, snapping pictures with my soul mate under Bermudian Moongates and working towards the future with a beach sunset as my backdrop. I am one happy girl.

However the time has come to start daydreaming about the next phase of my life. It has just recently occurred to me that I will not want be around to dance in the ensemble when I am 41and if 41 approaches as quickly as 31 seemed to I better start putting my energies into something of a long term plan. What will this dancer/aerialist develop into? Because she sure wants to have children in the near future. I don’t necessarily have to give up dancing and aerial work but I don’t want to find myself in 5 years looking for retail jobs while I wonder where my looks and high kicks went…

the things I’m rolling around in my brain/the universe –
1. further developing my bit of vocal talent (one can perform/work vocally whilst one is 9 months pregnant)
2. take some acting classes and workshops to dust off and polish that skill and work towards getting an agent…
3. choreography – oh choreography, the one thing my artist soul has dreamed of but never feels good enough to do. My creative heart yearns to pour itself out onto the canvas of other bodies and follow in the footsteps of Twila Tharp and Jerome Robbins but my brain reminds me that I’m lacking in ballet technique, vast experience and the ability to not get mad at myself or think I’m stupid for choosing each and every step. I’m deciding this means it would be a very fulfilling and frustrating endeavour and that I should plunge headfirst into the abyss. After all you must do whatever you most afraid of right?


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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