Rock Star

Fi is right. As is my nutritionist, my fiancé, my best friend and my intuition. It’s time to stop trying new things. Though I don’t regret trying a bunch of new stuff out, I don’t have the luxury at the moment of giving it a good long run at the moment. I have up coming physical work and the need to have visible abs for such work.

So I’m sticking to it and owning it. I’m doing all my research on Vegan athletes, vegan recipes and vegan figure/bikini competitors. Why? I have decided to be vegan. I need the energy of an athlete and the body of a bikini competitor.

I am going to be a Vegan Rock Star. Welcome to my journey. Welcome to my blog. I need to throw myself into this 100%. This is what I want for my body and my life. I will be focusing on eating vegan for my specific goals and the fact that I travel a lot so options that fufill my needs but without a refrigerator or the ability to prepare things in advance.  Vegan. Rock Star. Life.

While it may seem counterintuitive, eating “vegan” has always been so freeing for me.  All the restrictive binds of the diets I always try in an attempt to look and feel better get loosed when I’m vegan.  I eat carbs, meals and snacks, fruit, beans, red wine. and a large amount of food. Because, lets face it, it takes more vegan food to feel full and have energy sometimes then it does omnivorous food. All of a sudden there are options for anything I want. I can find clean vegan foods, healthy vegan foods for all occasions and cravings.  Perhaps this is why I like it (along with that ever present feeling of being more peaceful about my position in nature and the world).

My workouts right now are straight from this book. He has a program called 1st Class which is an intermediate program.  There’s a fitness test for each level.  I was stronger then the beginner level and in my mind I thought “hey, I’m strong, perhaps I need the master level”.  However the fitness test to START that level began with “can do 16 one arm push ups….”. Intermediate it is.  Then I run at least twice a week and if  I can/have time and space, I’ll do my 50 minute Tara Stiles/Deepak Chopra yoga on iTunes.  I love the two programs I downloaded and I really like the frame of mind I’m in after completing them.

ps. Back to vegan for a while and my nutritionist has nixed my 22 hour fasts. This means a few things, getting used to what foods to pick and what keeps me full and energetic, and also – the effects of fiber.  I’m gassy, bloated and have to go to the bathroom a lot. Le-sigh. There is no doubt in my mind that I get plenty of fiber.


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Yes I don’t think eating a vegan meal on a 22hour fast would feel very good lol- all that fibre!!!

    • LOL! Well, in all honesty, like you, I was loving the 22 hour fasts. But I just hired a nutritionist and she’s not opposed to 22 hour fasts. But she read my log and suggested I not anymore. She felt like for my goals (and issues) it would be best to put that aside for a while. and yeah, vegan in general, is now a bit of an adjustment for me fiber wise – it’ll take a bit but I already feel so much better!

  2. Hey girl! I love your commitment and drive. Also, I wanted to let you know that I started blogging again, so feel free to check it out.

  3. Do you know your next step geographically? Are you staying in OH for a while?

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