It’s snowing here.  I got to run in the snow and while I was savoring each little flake hitting my face I thought about all the different places I’ve run this past year.  It occurred to me how different it was to run in the China heat along the river ,amongst all the butterflies in Melbourne, and overlooking the shoreline in New Zealand, and yet how similar. My playlist hasn’t changed much. But my life really has.  3 years ago did I ever think I’d have seen so many places or done so many things? Hell no.

2012 has been…interesting.  So many times Dan and I looked at each other and said “2012 has been such a shit year”. And yet I turned 30, we got engaged, I spent the holidays with my family, I “did” The Great Wall of China, we spent 3 silly days in Aukland just Dan and I, I met a circus company and fell in love, I did more paperwork (taxes, visas… et al) then ever before.  I’ve gotten to do silks again and I obtained my drivers license after a 3 year lapse.  I traveled so much this year, by accident.  I did a singing gig…I was, for a brief 2 months, employed as a SINGER. I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS!

I lost 10lbs in 2012 and held my lowest healthy weight for the longest…and then I gained it back right here at the end (lol. sort of).  I ate meat again for a brief period of time (before going back to my vegetarian/vegan leaning ways). Picked up P90X again and dropped it again (like it’s hot), I did like 6 different programs. I feel stronger, more flexible and yet more pudgy then ever.  I know my body better. I know my mind better. I inhabit my own soul.  I feel powerful and smart and not fragile at all. Like gaining (almost) 10lbs is just what it is and not an earth shattering life event.

This is my life and I have dominated it. I am the ringmaster, the leading lady and I’m loving it. Even if everything didn’t pan out the way I thought it would, I still own it and I’m in love with my life, even on the bad days.

What more can you ask from a year?



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. You, Crista, are beautiful!! Your extra 10 pounds and all! 2012, as you described, was right on. If you’re the leading lady you have to be able to adjust when “the plan” doesn’t “work out”. From the sound of it, you pretty much nailed living life to its fullest. Thanks for sharing and letting me be witness to extraordinary.

  2. I love that last part! “I still own it!” 🙂

  3. Love your spirit, lady. You empower yourself and inspire us all!

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