The Benefit of Men

Dan and I have been to our new gym everyday this week. I had written my own program kind of using Rusty Moore’s Minimalist Workout and kind of subbed in the exercises I felt would give me personally the most bang for my buck. Then I added chin ups and pull ups on alternating days.  I’m quite impressed with the amount of soreness I’ve been experiencing – this really proves that I didn’t kick my own ass at home workouts.  I have really relied upon myself and home workouts to keep me in shape for over a year now. In all honesty, I’ve done a really good job, I have a nice base of muscle tone and ability and I workout on average 5 days a week with very few exceptions. I always think, I have to be living proof of what I preach – you can workout anywhere, no matter what your situation, you can keep yourself fit. I’ve proved this to be true to the extent that I can over the last year and in as many as 4 different countries.  And I have not been in travel situations where I can rely on a hotel gym.  Our “hotel” in China barely had a western toilet. I did yoga and circuits in the hotel lobby, entertaining the cleaning staff. When I was in Ohio we slept on a blow up mattress and I did my best to run in the frigid cold (SO COLD). In NY I found a middle school tract to run around and do push ups and crunches. I signed up for a trail run in New Zealand and did a circuit bodyweight workout in the bathroom.  In Melbourne I’ve been lucky to have a barbell with some light weight plates and a treadmill and lots of places of to run/walk. And in every place I bring my resistance band.

 Finishing the 15k trail “run” in NZ – for me it was jog, walk, climb, jog, walk, climb… I pretty much came in last, but I had a great time 🙂









All that being said, now, having a gym has been a really nice change. Although I believe that strictly body weight can really get you in great shape and that I could have kept progressing if I thought it through first, I am feeling a benefit from having dumbbells, a squat rack and something as small as working out in front of people tends to automatically tighten up my form and encourage me to push a little harder. I have obviously taken it a bit easy on myself at the home gym because even though I have been doing barbell squats at home, doing them in the squat rack I am so sore the day after. In fact my whole body is pretty sore.

And the other unexpected is having Dan at the gym with me. I’ll be honest I was nervous. As a rule, I just don’t workout with people. I believe in sweating, not talking. I also feel like I judge myself and am self conscious and therefore, back off of things if I’m afraid of looking stupid. But the opposite has occurred with Dan being there. He likes to get in and out of the gym. He can do a heavy workout with around 6 moves (3-4 sets of each) and get out in 40 minutes. He suffers no extra time. But during breaks, he’ll check on me, we help each other re-rack. And knowing Dan’s going to have to wait for me, I got over my fears and just go for whatever equipment I need when I need it instead of shyly pussy-footing my way around the gym.  I am now very thankful for my gym partner 🙂

 Dan and I during our layover in Kuala Lumpur….


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