I’m sick again.

I’ve threw up for hours.

Now I can’t get out of bed. This is just ridiculous. I actually am rethinking Keto, again. Why? What is it I’m doing that I can get sick so often?  Since I’ve been with Dan I’ve had food poisoning or the flu about 8-10 times. We’ve been together just over 2 years. That’s not including the millions of head colds I’ve gotten and flu’s that didn’t include vomiting. How can someone who focuses on health and fitness get sick so often.

Keto seems to allow me to eat alot and still have abs. I like being the lightest I’ve ever been, selfishly. But I don’t know if that means I’m healthier. I love having energy. I hate eating so many “fake” foods. Granted, that’s not the fault of “keto” or “low carb, high fat” and I can’t deny the stuff I’m learning. The thought of eating any of the foods I ate yesterday makes my stomach roil – cheese, salad, coconut shreds with sunflower seeds, sugar free jello with protein powder. Eggs sound horrifying, chicken, meat in general. Honestly, all I’ve done today is sip some boullion. Can I live for a long time never having fruit? relying on cheese and meat and veg? Never crunching something? I can’t have nuts as I’m really allergic.

But can I add carbohydrates back in? I know I’m going to gain a few pounds instantly just from glucose holding water and I was just feeling so sexy. Is it worth it?

What do I do?  I don’t know, honestly where to go from here. I’d love to try a hybrid, low carb but with a little fruit, a little starchy vegetable like pumpkin and sweet potato and less fat – maybe a lower carb vegetarian, dairy free. But I don’t know what would happen. I guess there’s only one way to find out. I do think that if I feel crazy fatigue again I’ll come running straight back to keto. I think wheat and grains in general can be cut out safely for me.

I was looking for an easy way to be thin, thinner, thinnest, to have tons of energy, to feel sexy but not be on a diet. Keto seemed closest but also restrictive in and of itself.  What to do?

I’ll let you know…


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  1. If you do add some carbs back in, how about eating quinoa? (It’s not a grain but a seed, though it may not matter too much!) Lower in carbs and twice as much protein as other grains. It’s easily digestible and you can eat it cold in a salad, served hot with meats & veggies, or warmed up for breakfast: just heat up some soy or almond milk and there you go! 🙂 Good luck, I hope you feel better.

  2. Sounds like you need to eat how you WANT, now how you think you SHOULD. You’ve never liked eating meat, so why are you? If you don’t like fake processed foods, don’t eat them! Might be time to read what The China Study has to say, though full disclosure, I’m not living/breathing their philosophy either. Since you seem to rely on these “diet” changes, why not try that one? You’ve been vegan before, maybe you’ll enjoy it again?

    Also, agreeing with thefoodery on quinoa, love it.

    Now, go feel better! Waste some time on Pinterest, take some naps, and hopefully it’ll all be over soon!

    • Yeah, actually Liz, I was thinking, what better way to test out how I truly feel being vegan then by changing suddenly to a vegan diet right from keto (meat, cheese, eggs..oh my!). It’s true, “diet changes” appeal to the scientific part of me (or the control freak). My personality is really all or nothing. Either I’m eating meat or I’m not, I’m eating carbs or I’m not. Perhaps that’s my problem 🙂 Moderation is kind of a foreign concept, lol. The China Study is interesting, I’ve read parts of it. But I’ve read so much about how innaccurate it is too. It seems to be very hotly debated.

      Ps. Are you vegan? I’d love to know how you feel? I ended up watching nearly all of Season 2 of Brothers and Sisters

      • I am not vegan, though it certainly interests me. I’ve switched from cow’s milk to soy, though I don’t drink/use milk that often, so it hasn’t been a huge change yet. Turns out I’m having hard time giving up cheese and yogurt, so those haven’t happened yet. I find it really interesting though, so I’m still kinda playing with the idea of going vegan!

        And I hear ya on moderation being a foreign concept, I bet losing weight would be easier if I didn’t eat everything in sight! 😉 I still eat like I’m marathon training even though I haven’t been since July and I’m still banned from running again for another few weeks … I know what the problems are, I’m just crappy at fixing them!

        And yes I’ve heard there is some accuracy issues with The China Study, but after following Forks Over Knives for awhile and reading the personal stories of struggle with “fill in the blank,” it’s just amazing. Hence my interest in it.

        Hope you’re feeling better today!!!

      • I will say Liz, I really liked my emotional state of being vegan. It feels right to me. I’m going to go back to it with a few exceptions I think. I feel like I’m attached to it because it’s not harming anything, But it’s not a health thing, it’s a mental thing.

        I really need to watch Forks Over Knives! I think that might be something for this weekend. I’ve heard so much about it and just haven’t caught up to it yet!

        You poor thing, I forgot about your foot. when can you start running again??

      • For some reason I can’t reply to your last reply, just this one, so it’s going to be out of order. 🙂

        You always seem happiest on a vegan or a form of the vegan diet, so I think it’s something you should stick with, and then maybe only alter it for special occasions (like auditions, etc.). I actually haven’t watched FOK yet! I read the book and bought the cookbook, but never watched it. It is something I think I should do though …

        It’s actually my tibia, that big bone in your shin, a little more than halfway up. So random. It’s been doing well, my physical therapist had me run once last month and that was a disaster so I’m still banned from running for another few weeks.

        Turns out not running doesn’t burn that many calories!!! 😉

  3. Bless your heart!! I hope you get it all figured out. Find what is the best and healthiest for your body. :). It’s frustrating when you don’t feel well and you can’t quite figure out what is wrong. Hugs girly!

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