I’m traveling and I’ve been gone less then 24 hours. I miss Dan. I may not be able to talk baby talk but I feel like a sap. Everything reminds me of him. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, I love solitude. But for the last 2+ years (except for the brief stint in China) my solitude has encompassed Dan as well. And solitude without him just feels off. I get it now, that feeling people talk about of being “completed” by their partner. I vomit in my mouth when I hear that usually, feeling like the idea that someone is needed to complete you is a total victim mentality. I am whole on my own. Which is true. I just like being whole while sitting next to Dan. And maybe sharing a knowing but wordless exchange while people watching. I prefer his company to everyone else’s (sorry guys), and then I prefer my own. So I guess, I’m enjoying being a lone tumbleweed, I adore doing whatever I want when I want. But I notice the difference. And I look forward to sitting in silence next to Dan again soon.

In other news keto makes traveling super easy. Bottle of water, diet coke if I want it. Nibbled on my keto cake pieces and some sunflower seeds with shredded coconut. That was enough to more then sustain me through 10 hours of travel. No hunger, no fatigue, no anger at people kicking the back of my chair. No mad dash to get food before my connecting flight like usual. I hate being ravenous and trapped in an airplane. But I never felt ravenous. I never even felt hungry. I leisurely made my way to the hostel, then walked around to select a dinner option – mostly because I have time and nothing else to do but linger over a cobb salad and a few rum+diet cokes. Usually I’m scouring the terminals for food and a Starbucks the moment I get off any plane. Keto is a travel win. I’m wondering if this means my blood sugar was a little out of control.

I don’t think I mentioned that one of the main reasons I began this keto experiment is that, while diabetes is in my family and has been brought up to me a few times, I’d not taken it too seriously. But with the years of fatigue in the back of my mind and a my circulation problems seeming to worsen – I started having some foot issues that kind of scared me. I think they were possibly chillblaines, but I ‘ve been having increasing trouble with losing feeling in my feet and toes and then throbbing pain. I got kind of nervous that Dan was right and my jelly bean binges were pushing me over the diabetic edge….

Regardless, so far, my energy has done nothing but go up, my feet have continued to feel better and I can’t believe that the biggest plus I have found is that I’m just nicer, happier, have more energy to talk to people pleasantly.

Okay that’s enough blathering. I’m spending time on a public computer while my iPhone charges. All these different countries I’ve been to in the past few years and I brought the wrong plug adapter. Why can’t we all just decide on a universal socket shape? Please?


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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