Todays Workout: Big 3 Lifts (RPT) + pushups/pullups/chinups

After baking up cinnamon rolls for Dan and the fam from this recipe, I decided to get crafty and try my hand at some portable keto treats to take with me on a trip I’m soon to embark on!!











Enter – Keto Cake.  Might taste like a brick wall, we shall see! I’ll check back in once I actual sample one. They’re going in a ziplock so I can take them with me on the airplane 🙂 who’s jealous?!!! I changed the recipe a bit – I used 2 tbsp olive oil instead of 4 tbsp butter mostly cuz – I don’t eat butter. Don’t know why I just don’t, I sub olive oil for butter (and any other oil) in all my cooking/baking – including my banana bread. Don’t know why I just feel healthier, I like it better.

 admittedly, the cinnamon rolls look better…








I also found I can eat an entire dark chocolate bar and stay within my daily carbohydrates for the day. This is a little dangerous and also SO GREAT. Muahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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