Part 3 – The Wrap Up

Today’s Workout: Big 3 Lifts + Pull Ups + Chin Ups + Push Ups

Sorry, my posts have been few and far between.  I’ve been feeling so good and so vibrant, I just really don’t know what else to write. I feel like I’m in a good food/workout groove and I don’t want to overanalyze it – because I feel normal. For the first time in my life I feel like I don’t really care what I eat. I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m not. I have been tracking to keep my carbohydrates under 50 and to get used to new choices when I am hungry. But my calorie intake has gone up and sometimes looking at the numbers makes me second guess my hunger.  And it would seem that it has no bearing on my weight. My weight is holding steady, through the weekend at 53.8 which is a really low weight for me. Yet I’m eating 400+ more calories then usual, between 80-120gms of fat and 30-50 carbs a day and since I was celebrating this weekend I had champagne and rum and diet coke that fit into my under 50carb macros with no ill effect on my weight, my energy or my life.  So….

I am getting in the swing of food choices. I’d still like to add more natural fats/calories in and less cheese as it seems to be one of the few things that gets me enough calories for the day, but my nose is telling me I’m still sensitive to dairy in high amounts. But oh, it’s so good, and it’s been so long since I ate it. I’m learning that replacing carbohydrates with fat is not making me fat (quite the contrary) and my energy is consistent.  I did get ketostix and I’m not in ketosis yet it would seem (though there is quite a margin for error with those) but that’s okay.  The only thing I can see that really makes me want to “get there faster” is that I don’t think I’m in fat burning mode yet.  I think I’m still burning off glycogen or whatever like the loyal sugar burner that I was. Why do I think this? I tried to go out for my long run yesterday and I. Just. Couldn’t.  My legs wouldn’t. I ended up going for a 2 hour walk and that was fine – though if I’m completely honest I was pretty frustrated and a little embarrassed to be “power-walking”, but I think I’ve finally hit the stage where my body needs to switch where it gets its fuel from. I’m trying to give it the space to do that.  If I have to cut down to long walks instead of runs for a few weeks as a trade off for more energy and the enduring energy I believe this will acquire for me then I’m in.  I actually have the time let my body adjust as I just finished working and my next audition isn’t for another few weeks. So the goal this week is to get me to ketosis and start burning fat for fuel!

After that though, my plan is to stop logging everything into My Fitness Pal and see if I can manage eating this way without tracking anything. That’s ultimately how I’d like to be living and so once I hit ketosis and see how it feels and how to stay in it, I’d like to put eating to bed. It seems I’ve found a way to eat that really does something for me so once it’s set, I’d like to think about other things. Like my fitness goals. Oh, and getting married. Which I am. But who knows when. That’s another story. For another blog – which I just happen to be creating 🙂  I just started it yesterday, it’s bones at the moment, but I’m looking forward to writing about our beautiful life changing relationship. I think Dan and I are rare and this experience with him has been so life-brain-everything changing.  So just because I don’t ramble online enough, there is now a blog in which I talk nothing about food (unless its cakes and catering). I’m evolving 🙂

 My favorite treats.










But I promised somethings so here it is:

1. I’ll let you know when I get into ketosis according to the strips (if I do)

2. I just finished a block of Tasty Cheese and am going to try this week without buying more, which means I need to eat more eggs/meat/oil/tofu. I wanted more unprocessed ways to get my calories in

3. I’m eating at least 1600 calories every day. That’s a lot more then 12-1300. And I feel good.

4. I’ve managed to get quite a lot of vegetables into my less then 50carb days –  2 cups spinach, 1 cup mushrooms, 250gms broccoli & cauliflower… If I don’t get into ketosis in a few days I’ll lower this a little. But my hope is to not have to do that. I love my vegetables

5. I also love my sugar free jello. This is also a probably cause for not being in ketosis yet. blurgh.

6. So running sucked and now I’m walking but I’m giving it a week or two before I panic. I need to adapt to using fat as fuel.

7. Weight/resistance training is utterly unaffected by my new eating habits. I’m doing great 🙂

8. Drinking champagne and rum & diet coke did nothing to my weight. I’m still the same. And actually my hips are 1/2 inch smaller. Take that. I’m not recommending daily drinks but I can eat things like cheese and eggs and drink on the weekends if I want and I wake up every morning feeling like it’s the best day of my life.

9. I am SHOCKED at how I haven’t been bloated since I started this experiment.  Not even the day after my unplanned but oh so hearty “cheat” day. For someone with IBS for the past 10 years this is AMAZEBALLS.  I never feel bloated. I wake up and go to bed feeling downright sexy.  SEXY! You can imagine the fringe benefits…

10. if you’re curious and you want to see what I’m eating feel free to friend me on My Fitness Pal (my name is Star9c7s) and I’m not too proud for you to see just how many eggs I can actually eat in a day!

 I only have eyes for eggs…. and avocado 🙂








Alright – I’m going to go start doing wedding disgustingness!  Please, I’d love to hear what others are doing, eating, finding out about themselves. Can you tell I’m a little lonely with all this happiness but no one but Dan to share it with? Keep me company peeps!


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  1. Oh girl I am so glad that this is working for you!!! And it seems like you are getting fantastic results! 🙂 Happy dance in your honor!! 🙂

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