Nuts & Bolts Part 2

I decided that you should know exactly what I’m eating on this crazy new endeavor.  I will outline what I ate the first week while trying to get into it. But then I’ll show you how I’m evolving a bit.  And how having a “cheat day” , a fabulous, fun cheat day yesterday affected me.  You see, I hadn’t planned to. I’m loving how I’m eating and I don’t see how I’ll want to stray from it for “other” foods for a long time.  However, as fate would have it, we got to celebrate with some very good friends last night who are also gourmands! And while most of the food dished up was lower carb friendly there was champagne, wine, more wine and a gorgeous apple custard tart with icecream and I thought – experiment time!  It’s been a week, I feel great, lets see how I feel when veering off the course. I not only ate all the food that was given, I went home and topped it off with the remaining cheat day foods of the past – some dark chocolate, a tim tam and a handful of chocolate covered licorice bullets.  Perhaps I went to far? But I’m testing extremes. I wanted to see the fallout on my body. Also a lot of people write about the Cylical Ketogenic Diet with success and that involves keto during the week and two days of “carb up” ie. kind of what I did but  keep fat lower. I don’t think this is what I want to do, as that’s still the short term, cheat day mentality, but it’s good to do some experiments. AND I’ll be recieving my ketostix today, I want to see how long it takes me to get into ketosis (since I’m damn sure I’m not after last night). Once I’m in and holding steady I want to up my green vegetables every day by a cup until I’m kicked out of ketosis – yes, I’m getting all tingly over experimenting!!! I love eating for science 🙂 I want to know how many vegetables I can eat before it effects nutritional ketosis. Then I can set some levels.

Here is what I at the first week of trying to get into nutritional ketosis and keep my total carbs under 50 grams (and under 30 if possible but I found that near impossible):

copious amounts of  eggs, low carb vanilla protein powder (USN), sugar free jello, tasty cheese, spinach, celery, broccoli and cauliflower (frozen), chicken, tuna, deli slices of chicken and ham (even though I hate ham!), raw sunflower seeds, thickend lite cream, coconut oil, cocoa powder, stevia, firm tofu, olive oil, sea salt, 1 Atkins Advantage Bar and 1 Aussie Bodies Low Carb Bar, 1 sugarfree low carb chocolate mint bar (sweetened with stevia) diet coke, diet lemon lime and bitters, coffee, black tea

I also made a meatloaf out of premium ground beef, 2 eggs and a cup of spinach..but I haven’t eaten it yet. I cut it into 6ths and I’ve been nervous about it since.  Remember – I’ve been veg for a long time and though I did try beef strips in stirfry a few weeks ago, ground beef is a bit scary to me. But never fear, one step at a time.

Observations from the first week:

  1. I don’t mind a limited diet
  2. I love eggs and could eat them all the time
  3. I started to rely on cheese to hit my macros and fill me up after a few days
  4. I don’t want to eat this much cheese as I’m breaking out in my classic dairy face – between the cheese and the protein powder I’m pretty sure dairy is a less then daily thing for me
  5. I decided to use cheese as a dessert food from here on out. It gives me something to look forward to that I can partake of socially (hello cheese platters!!) or when I’m craving a dessert – cheese. But I don’t want to use it in place of food as I’ve been doing.  Which means I have to make more of an effort to eat and make FOODS.
  6. I think relying heavily on sugar free jello (I mixed it with my protein powder for dessert/post workout al), throws off my satiety. By yesterday I was craving foods again (remember how I said I had no cravings?) and I was really hungrier – I find my hunger and cravings when up when I started drinking more diet coke and eating more jello towards the end of the week (convenience, laziness, a desire to stay away from cheese)
  7. looking at my list it looks a little whole foods light.  and I ate tuna once relying almost solely on eggs and cheese and coconut oil for my calories – time to evolve
  8. I couldn’t bring myself to eat bacon, or burgers or anything most low carb people find they prefer about being on a low carb diet
  9. I think I got to ketosis really quickly – while I didn’t have the pee strips I experienced extreme thirst, 1lb of weight loss, pungent odor to my pee (woo hoo!) and seemingly boundless energy THE FIRST DAY. Crazy I know! I’m looking forward to peeing on the stick to see if I’m in it to win it!!!

Okay so I had a fabulous first week experience but I did find several things I wanted to change, progress or do differently.  So, enter yesterday. I have no desire to stray from keto at the moment as I feel phenominal.  I was worried about starting a severe “diet” 4 days before a very important audition but I ROCKED the audition and bounced off the walls, completing my 10 chin ups I was worried about and throwing a tumbling pass that I pulled out of my ass. I went home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

Last night, after a fully keto approved day we went to friends house who cooked up, masterfully, among other things fried haloumi with peas, lamb ensconced in pancetta, apple chutney marinated greens, whipped mashed carrot, followed up with a to die for apple custard tart, vanilla, chocolate and macadamia nut ice cream and all washed down with champagne (we were celebrating!), red wine and sweet red wine!!  He catered his menu just for me and I tried, finished licked my plate from everything, meaning:

1. I have now had lamb AND pancetta!!

2. I drank 3 glasses of 3 different alcohols

3. I was noooo longer in ketosis, nor was I even within calories for the day

4. I enjoyed my night THOROUGHLY

On our drive home, I was very happy, not overstuffed (HOW?!) and contemplating my experiment.  What if I live in nutritional ketosis, because I feel the best, but every once in a while – say an average of 3-4 times a year-I enjoy a night with friends and eat everything without holding back or even thinking about the effects on my “diet”? That sounds like a very liveable and beautiful lifestyle – one of which I’ve never been able to manage as I feel guilty. I’ve never had a night like last night where I eat what the cook makes with happiness and relish without shunning things right and left. I enjoyed myself last night, no guilt – why should I feel guilty? And I said yes to everything I wanted. Then I decided to test this in extreme. Call me crazy but I came home and had half a chocolate bar (not sugar free), a handful of chocolate bullets and 1 Tim Tam (chocolate covered biscuit cookie for all you non-aussies) – hey, I like to do things up right! I passed out into a blissful, dizzy sleep! p to the s – keto makes alcohol go to my head really quick and lasting!

THE VERDICT!!! – I have found my way of life (I think)

I woke up today, feeling good. I am not bloated, I am not hungover, I have absolutely no cravings for anything but water. I am 1/2 inch thinner around my waist and butt and exactly the same weight I was yesterday. The lowest weight I’ve ever been while not anorexic. I’m 53.8k. I feel fabulous. I want a big glass of water and black coffee and to hit the gym. But not because I feel fat, because I have energy! I LOVE how I feel. Which means to me that my nutritional ketogenic way of eating is really great. And 2-4 times a year – Christmas, Birthday, Engagement Celebration – I can enjoy with no ill effects. I can be a full, happy, healthy human being!

I’m in love with my own life 🙂

Now I’m going to leave you hanging again as I go work out and get stuff done. Part 3 to come, I will outline my goals for the week, how I feel exercising and whatever I promised in part 1 🙂 xoxo


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  1. ur excitement thru these last posts is palpable and regardless of wat u’re eating, watever this diet is called, and all that jazz…the bottom line is u are happy AND kicking ass in ur workouts. there, not even gonna use the ***’s cuz u warrant hard core blog profanity. 😉 u rock girl. 🙂

    • Aw Cait!!! Thanks! It’s true, it has little to do with the specifics of what/when/how I’m eating. At this point, I’d eat dirt for the way I feel now. So much energy and I can’t tell you, I’ve never had that much. I thought everyone lived in permanent fatigue. I have no idea what’s right for other people, I’ve seen people thrive on all kinds of “diets” and ways of eating – vegan, carnivorous, south beach, pritikin, high carb, eat whatever you want…it’s worked for all different people. I truly believe there is no one right way. But, I love the way I feel. And it makes food kind of irrelevant 🙂 Thanks for consistently reading my drivel lol! xoxo

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