I guess it’s about time…

Today’s Workout: Big 3 lifting workout, sets of pull ups – 9(YES! just barely squeezed the last 2 out), 5, 5, 4, a few chin ups and crunches

I am tired. Not like, fall asleep tired, but like my muscles are fatigued.  I am always surprised when this happens. I feel like I workout a lot, well, at least consistently, but effort is usually pretty comfortable. But with the knowledge that I actually want strength gains instead of just toning and losing muscle like I have been for the past two years, I am pushing my muscles harder.  And the hardest thing for me, is eating protein.  I noticed the days I actually did get my protein up pretty high, I had the best gains and didn’t feel fatigued. But over the past few days I’ve gotten lazy with the protein – I don’t eat a lot of food in general. Don’t get confused, I eat a lot of calories, but food mass is uncomfortable for me.  I tend to lean towards carbs – dried fruit, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables with hummus, sunflower seeds.  It doesn’t take a high amount to rack up the calories. But there’s also not a lot of protein and generally I don’t want to eat a lot of protein. But now, I find to get my protein up I have been leaning heavily on protein powder. SO I backed off the last few days and, I’m tracking everything at myfitnesspal.com, and the protein number dropped by more then half. ANd today, trying to lift and do pull ups my muscles were not in pain, just giving up – weird how quick I can be effected by nutrition.  They pulled through but I’m gulping down whey protein with water at the moment and contemplating how to up my protein with out dreaded dairy (giving me pimples IN MY NOSE) or meat.  I’ve been eating a lot of tuna and eggs. And sugar free jello blended with protein powder (which is good but the fake sugar is getting to me too). Does anyone have any ideas for high protein foods or any foods that make you feel like you have BEAST STRENGTH???

Beast Strength – what my Dad needs to pick me and my sister up at the same time…rraaar!








So, I was staring blankly at my blog and realized I haven’t updated in forever.  My training page petered out in April when I left for China and I probs need to update my About page and take a look at the side bars – spring cleaning as I’m looking forward to Melbourne spring!


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  1. Great stuff. Love it. BILTONG. Cured meat in a packet great source of protein. Nuts are OK unless of course you have allergies. Ever tried protein cookies? In the UK I purchase from MYProtein. White Chocolate almond flavour 34 g per cookie.

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    Needless to say, check out my blog when you get a chance

  2. I eat eggs by the bucket loads! 🙂 I was just thinking the other day how I would like to change that up…….kind of getting bored with them. :/ That is a great picture of you, your sister and your dad!! 🙂

  3. Most high protein weighs heavy in the stomach. Greek yogurt or a Clif Builder bar post work out, with lots of water or recovery drink seems to help. Thanks for mentioning tuna, I may return that into the diet. Its fatty oils help with the hair and skin. Something neglected with a low-fat diet.

    • I can’t do the greek yogurt as the dairy has really been hurting me. But yeah, I find tuna really portable and easy too. I use the packed in water kind, drain it, mix it with my frozen vegetables, heat it all up in the microwave, sprinkle with sea salt and water and call it a day. yesterday I put barbecue sauce on it. MMMMM. I didn’t realize it until I started tracking my nutrients but I do NOT have a low fat diet!

  4. I’m having the same concerns about getting enough protein, and I want to keep my calories in check so can’t be eating a lot of beans, nuts, and legumes. Here’s an article that might be helpful, it talks about raw food protein: http://www.rawfoodia.com/raw-food-protein.html. And here’s another one: http://www.globalhempstore.com/hemp-food/raw-protein-lean-body.html. I hope you find it helpful, good luck! 🙂

    • oooh, thanks for those links, I can’t wait to check them out. I’m still fiddling with my calories and macronutrients – can’t figure out exactly how much of each I should be eating. And I’m allergic to nuts. what to do?!

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