Burned Out

I’m feeling burned out in regards to fitness and food in general.  This happens when I get all crazy about either “needing to lose weight” or “not regaining weight just lost” or just when I’m stressed. When i get stressed or upset, my go to is to freak out about my weight or my diet.  It’s an old bad habit of mine.  Have you ever studied eating disorders? Text book – control the diet when you can’t control your situation. I don’t have an eating disorder anymore but I find that when I really start to feel “fat” or start going mental on how to lose weight or be perfect on my diet or exercise more, that really I’m stressed or feeling out of control in life matters and it’s time to sit down and assess those.

Because since I’ve been back from China I’ve been obsessively trying to find “the right thing to do” for training and eating. I’ve burned myself out on studying. It seems life is no more then having to workout to fit the skinny jeans and that makes me want to dive into bed and never get out.  So I’m going on a short hiatus. I am looking forward to the weekend. I have a plan starting monday that addresses my goals and I get to do it long distance but still with my best friend. I have fun things in store this weekend so, there will be no diet or “eating plan” Friday to Sunday and I’ll workout as usual. I have pull ups to master. But I get a break from it this weekend.

Then when, I have remembered that my life actually revolves around work, Dan, family/friends and health, I can get to the training and feeding plan. The one that is for functional strength for my auditions and health and the way I want to look when I show up at them. Not get to the lowest weight possible. Sometimes I have to step in and save myself from myself.  My mantra for this time “there is no perfect. there is functional. what serves me and the quality of MY life?”

There’s so much more to life then food and treadmills.


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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    “Control the diet when you can’t control your situation”

  2. Girl I been feelin burned out too, but I have been a little sick so I think that’s the culprit. Taking a small break from working out, doing some bellydance drill DVDs, trying to stick to a good diet plan for now.

  3. Burn it is typical and to be expected. Rest up over the weekend, Monday is a new start. 🙂

  4. Jackie Leopardi

    Hey Crista!!!
    Totally honest and a wonderful writing!!!
    Now, I can TOTALLY relate!!! You know this already…
    In addition, here is what I found to be true for me and maybe something to think about also for you. You wrote that when you feel out of control you obsess on your weight and food plans. I can appreciate that and everyone is different. But also, on the flip side of that, you may want to think about this…..Exercise and good eating habits relieve stress in the body. Your body knows this. Maybe at those times when you are stressed out… your body naturally tells you to fix it and that is why you turn to exercise. Some people turn to pills, alcohol, overeating, etc. When I am feeling funky, the first thing that comes to my mind is “OMG I have to run…and run.. and run” . Let me tell you… 10 minutes into my run I feel relaxed and my whole body changes and so does my mind and when I’m done… I’m a new person. Without exercise I get lathargic and I can feel the anxiety sneaking in. NOT because of weight, but because whatever gets pumped into my system from it keeps me balanced. I think people like us just need that. THAT is the trick… BALANCE. No… it should not take over your life where you have nothing left, but don’t apologize or feel bad for wanting yourself to be the best you can be, and feeling and looking the best you can be. If I am to be 100% honest….Yes, I do exercise because I want to maintain at a certain weight. A weight I have found for me to feel at my best, and to me look at my best. Lets face it… if I don’t look good in my skinny jeans I don’t feel good about myself and then I am no good to anyone. I also love the way my body looks and feels when it is as tight at is can be after 2 children and kickin’ 40 years old, and I love the way I feel inside. I love me!!!!!!! Nothing about that can be negative!!!

    I went last week for my 40 year work up with the doctors just to be sure that I was thin but healthy cause that is very important. Here were the results…. 5’1 and three quarters tall, 100lbs, mamogram clean, bloodwork fantastic except vitamin D was lower than she would like to see so I am now supplementing (I don’t drink milk or eat much dairy so this was not a surprise) and I am on no medications and don’t have the need for any. I Don’t drink , don’t smoke, don’t drink soda, don’t eat meat, no bread or pasta except for maybe on cheat day, stick to a regular diet filled with veggies, fruits, water, and an occasional hit of dark chocolate 6 days a week and on the 7th day I reward myself with eating what I want, run about 5 and a half miles 6-7 days a week which is 1hr 20 minutes a day. People look at me and say….. she is crazy, or she has an eating disorder, or try and figure out what is wrong with me. I say… from what I see and what the results say, there is nothing wrong with me.. I finally just know how to keep myself happy and healthy! The only thing it seems I have to worry about is getting hit by a bus! ah ah hah hhahahahahahhhhahahahahahhhahahah

    You have so much to look forward to in your life. Marriage in the future and all that comes with it. I am sitting on the other end of that and understand that there are, as you said, way more important things in life than a treadmill, and you are SO RIGHT! But, you also will never forget about you and what makes you feel happy. You will find your balance to make all ends meet and nothing will have to fall off the plate. My advice for what it is worth? Find your place, your weight, and your eating routine that makes you say “Ok, I’m good right here” and then just make it your routine with no changes as part of your life. Then it is not a focus or obsession.. it is just something you do and then go about your day. It shouldn’t define you and all that you do… it should just be a part of you.

    Love you Crista and thank you for sharing!!!!
    You are beautiful! You don’t even have to try… it’s just who and what you are……
    You will never be anything less!

    • oh Jackie! I need to write you a long email but I’m running out the door. You made my day, you made me feel a lot better. Thanks for taking the time to write that to me. We’ll talk later but I feel better – thanks xoxo

  5. I swear we are sisters! I am the same exact way!! Whenever I get stressed I don’t know what to do with myself! I don’t even remember how my healthy decisions even worked! :). I really love how you put it here in this post. Thanks chica! I hope you have a great weekend and some much needed down time. :).

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