I’m new to this intermittent fasting thing, especially leangains. I read but never implemented “Eat Stop Eat” even though I appreciate the research behind it and think it’s quite sound.  I enjoyed following The Warrior Diet for the most part while I was traveling over  the holidays, but I never tried it out during training or normal life.

Now that I’m getting my feet weight with Leangains, I’m finding I really like it.  I think once I get the carb cycling part of it figured out and implementing it when we start working (tomorrow! yay!) that it could really be something for the long haul.  As I read more and more about the benefits of IF I am more turned on to it for health not just to get maintainable low body fat – my original draw 🙂 I’ll admit it.

But there’s  lot of results published for men and I wanted to see some female results. I found this link during my search – check it out if you’re curious.  I’ll keep looking for more. I’m interested to see if anyone who does endurance training also follows some kind of IF program… I seemed to be fine during my long slow 7 miler but I’m not fast, I’m not a competitive runner.

I think I should take some “before” pics and see how I compare in a month.  Since I’m getting nit picky and not just your average dieter, I should probably be keeping track of measurements or something.

Any SPA’s or blog readers have any advice on IF???

 This is me at the end of my fave meal while in China – sauteed bok choy with fresh tofu shreds. I ordered it every day! and this gorgeous server knew my order and brought it right out to me on the daily! VIP treatment!



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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