Feeling Strong

I did my second day of lifting following the Big 3 protocol!!! I did my workout fasted and I felt great!  I have no idea how heavy the weights I should be using would be but I’m using what I’ve got 🙂 Dan’s mom fortunately has a pretty well stocked gym with a home barbell set.  The weights all together add up to 30kg which I realize is not really that heavy but it seems to be good for me to start with. I did end up being a little sore from day 1 and I felt it today.  I’m getting an idea of where my strength is, but I have a feeling I’m going to be getting stronger fast – so I’m going to look for additional weight plates at the store today as well as a pull up bar.

I feel like the first two weeks of any program is just getting my bearings and setting up habits but so far so good.  I like the 16 hour fast / 8 hour eating window idea and it feels good on my body.  I’m keeping it simple – no numbers.  I’m just eating more carb/lower fat on lifting days and low carb/more fat on non lifting days.  It’s possible for big changes I’d need to calculate macronutrient amounts but for now I’m not going to do that, I’m just keeping it as easy as possible. I’ve never “carb cycled” but I get the idea behind it. I’m playing with which 8 hour window is best but it seems the magic time right now is 2pm-10pm for eating.  I have some go to’s – soups w/ veg and oats in yogurt with dried fruit on lifting days / eggs and veg and yogurt (I’m allowing plain yogurt as a low carb because it’s cheap and accessible to me, for now. If my body doesn’t change then I’ll get hardcore) on non lifting days.

So far though, my legs have not puffed up huge over night (my biggest fear) and I’ve actually lost nearly a kilo just in 3 days – most of that was alcohol birthday weight but still 🙂



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. The 16 hour fast sounds like a good idea to try out. What time is your earliest and your latest work out? Do you drink anything during the 16 hours?

    • I’m not working right now so I have the luxury of working out whenever. But I usually workout when I wake up (like noon) so I’m fasted and can break the fast shortly after I workout. But somedays I workout at 8pm. Then I of course eat earlier but I make the bigger meal after my workout. During the fast I drink tons of black coffee, water of course, green tea, diet coke occasionally. you can put a splash of milk in your coffee without a problem.

      • I love coffee in the morning, and usually have two small cups before a workout (about 8 or 10 ounces total) but I also have some homemade cake to get my blood going (I posted a recipe for orange cake under Flavor of the Week if you’re interested…lower sugar/fat than regular cake & it’s great with coffee!) Thanks for the reply, I’m gonna try this out! 😀

  2. Hey! So glad that it’s working for you!

  3. MMMM I have to try that cake recipe!!!

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