Today’s Workout: This Bodyrock workout – both workouts! 

Yeah, I’m keeping it short and sweet these last Australian days because I want to spend max time with Dan.  I considered doing one of my yoga workouts because I’m sure the stretching would do me good but I blew it off. I’m happy with just doing my one short workout everyday.  Tomorrow we have a full day planned so I’m going to just get up a little early and pump out another treadmill HIIT before we go.

However, I have been thinking and researching a lot about what my true fitness goals are (I do this nearly every month or whenever I have a strong emotional reaction to seeing myself on camera 🙂 For the last year my goal was to be lighter and less puffy by losing muscle.  I had been a pretty dense muscle girl thanks to my Aerial job and P90X – aaaand lots of Syntha 6 shakes! I’ve achieved my goal sort of, I’m much lighter and have lost muscle.  But now I’ve realized that I want to be RIPPED again. Like banging 6 pack abs, that great deltoid capped arm look…and not just when I’m dehydrated and have just finished a workout.  I have the luxury of setting goals like this for a few reasons but namely that my job is affected not only by what my body can do but also by how it looks. But I want to keep my smaller size.  This is all pure vanity.  I’m leaving and I’m turning 30 while I’m gone. Dan’s goal is to start working out while I’m gone and he’s all pumped to get fit.  I want to look my best by the time I get back too, mostly just for fun! It’s like a game for us 🙂 He’s going to buff up before I get back and I’m going to rip up and grow my hair out.  WOO!

So I’ve been researching programs and ideas.  The thing is, I’ll be touring with no idea if I have access to a gym – or a kitchen for nutrition.  This is not a roadblock! Just something to take into consideration.  So I’ve realized I need to devise/find a strength training program I can do with my bands and bodyweight only plus cardio that can be done anywhere and require minimal time.  I can totally find that!

So here are the things I’m going to be doing while I’m gone (so far):

1. Strength training at least 3x’s per week

2. HIIT Cardio at least 2X’s per week

3. Eating clean with a focus on protein (new for me, I usually like to keep protein to a minimum)

4. Using my sunless tanning lotion to make those muscle cuts POP! without unnecessary aging from the sun (I’m a freak and totally scared of tanning outside)

5. Abstaining completely from Diet Coke and carbonated drinks altogether

6. Drinking lots of water – not a strength of mine but I guess it’ll be easier without soda

7. Abstaining from cutting my hair – this might be the hardest, I love changing up my hair cut/color/style

If I figure out an exact program for strength training, I’ll post it up for you 🙂 Or if anyone has a program they ADORE let me know, I’ll check it out!

As for today, Day 1 “clean and sober”, I did fine – no shaking, no crazy Diet Coke cravings. I’ve slammed a lot of water though, so I’ve been urinating like a champ.  Thank you SO MUCH for all the encouragement and positive reinforcement!! It has helped me make the full commitment and also not feel like an idiot for seeing Diet Coke as a true addiction.  It has been my crutch for yeeeeeears.

I also tried my “instant bronze” self tanner today, I smell like coconut fun times 🙂 Can’t wait to see if I can see a difference.

Annd for another first today, Dan asked me to cut his hair.  WHAT?! But you know what, I grabbed the scissors and did my best. Turned out great! Perhaps one more thing to study whilst traveling will be mens hair cutting tips.  I kept it real simple because I was scared of making him look like my unfortunate troll doll experiment of the 90’s.  It be nice to be all vogue on his hair one day. Muahahahaha, I’m going to be like a renaissance woman!

 he’s covering it up with a hat. That means he LOOOOVES it


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Christina sawyer

    I just love reading your posts. I relate so much to your ADD of exercise. It’s a weekly battle!! Lol;) I am trying each month to just pick 1 thing that sticks the entire month. Body rock and workout trainer are my faves and keep me totally entertained. I accredit you for body rock!! And Maia for workout trainer. Mow if i just had more time!! Good luck with your travels!!

    • aw Christina thanks!!! You’re one of my body role models, I want to look as good as you. when I met you, I was so envious of how fit you were at what, 8 months pregnant?! I’m enjoying Bodyrock. I should check out this workout trainer – any advice for traveling fitness??

  2. I love using the HIIT concept for my cross training. I got a free app for my phone and use it all the time. 🙂

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