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Today’s Workout: 30 minutes Intervals on the treadmill + 20 minutes walking

Today is a historic day for me.  Let it be known that after 13 years of hardcore addiction, I had my last Diet Coke (Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Sprite al) today.  I’m proclaiming this because it has to be true and I have to follow through.  Through the ups and downs of healthy eating I have defended my daily Diet Coke for years as my last vice, my longstanding and worthwhile vice.

The DC and I have been through a lot and I’ve never really demonized it even though I know it’s just straight toxins – but I still think that all things in moderation and all that, I don’t think it’s terrible to drink Diet soft drinks – well, any more terrible then soft drinks in general.  There were times during my University days that I drank a 2 liter a day-sometimes more.  And even though I’ve toned it down since, I still manage a 20 oz at least on most days.

This past Christmas my sister (an amazing Vegas Showgirl and super fierce dancer) and I were comparing health and beauty notes as we do, and she said that she gave up all diet drinks opting instead for a full sugar one on the occasion she really wanted a soda and in doing so lost almost all the cellulite on her body.  AMAZING, buuuut somehow still not enticing enough for me to give up my joy juice.  I kept guzzling, intending to “cut down” of course but never actually doing it.  I always crave the familiarity of a Diet Coke, and I love having “sweets” whenever I want with “no consequences”.

 My Valentines treats from Dan 🙂 He knows me so well – yes that would be a bag of chocolate chips. For some reason it’s the only kind of chocolate I really like.  I’ll turn down a bar of chocolate for these babies.






Well, Dan got me to give up putting Equal and Splenda in my coffee and tea about 6 months ago and he’s been on me about Diet Coke for a long time. I of course feel like I give up too much already and a girl needs a bit of fun (allergic to nuts, sensitive to dairy, cutting down on sugar, keeping a “show-fit” diet, sparing alcohol consumption, no fried food…oy the list seems long!).  But lately I feel like the Diet Cokes are attaching my stomach, actually not just lately, I’ve wondered if it was the carbonation for a few years now.  Yesterday I felt like I had a hole in my stomach and when I sipped on my second Diet Coke of the day it seemed to make it worse.  I had just bought 2 20oz bottles to keep in the refrigerator so I just decided then and there that they would be my last.  I finished the last one off today before lunch, slowly and wondering if I should even drink it but, you know, I did. It may seem like a small thing after years of enjoying my Diet Coke but my stomach seemed like it may be working on an ulcer and I guess that’s finally reason enough to kick it.  But I’m sure it’s going to be hard for a little bit – I’m going to just treat it like an allergy (I have enough of those to know what to do).  Good thing I’m making a big change on Tuesday (traveling abroad with some lovely girls to dance for 4 months), sometimes big changes in environment are the perfect catalyst for major personal change. And stupid as it sounds, abstaining from Diet Coke is a major change for me.  I keep thinking that a fringe benefit is the extra money I can put in my savings account, I just don’t even want to think how much money I could have saved if I didn’t drink it at all over the past 10+ years, I’m sure it’s similar to how much smokers save when they quit!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one who’s going to picket against Diet Coke, I really don’t think it’s to blame for Obesity or the plaque on my teeth.  My over consumption of any substance is done through my own free will.  I don’t think consuming an occasional soft drink is bad, but I do think my ability to keep it occasional…doesn’t exist 🙂 I guess I’ll have to take up with an old favorite – coffee (sans sweeteners)-to get my fix!

What’s your take on soft drinks, diet or otherwise? What do y’all drink or indulge in?


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  1. Happy to hear you have given up soda!
    I gave up diet Coke last year. Much better for the stomach and teeth.
    Recently made the switch from vodka based drinks to wine. Thought it would help with the calories.(mixers are quite caloric). Verdict remains unknown on that decision.

  2. I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper, but recently I have been drinking Dr. Pepper Ten. I used to drink regular Dr. Pepper so even the switch to diet was hard. Typically I only have 1 a day, but still I know I probably shouldn’t be drinking it. Great job for making the big change!

    • no worries, I totally don’t think anyone has to give up diet drinks completely. But thanks for the encouragement, I think it’ll be good for me even if I don’t like it at first!

  3. For me not drinking sodas has been the easiest healthy thing to do…not eating sweets – still a challenge (I do have a stash of 99% dark chocolate that I nibble on…kinda not that yummy so I don’t eat a lot and it squashes those cravings!). I am so excited to see that you are giving up coke. It really is horrible for you. As an ex-smoker I understand what it’s like to try to quit – it’s hard. But it sounds like your mind is made up and that’s great! Remember we talked about stevia – I know you didn’t like it before but maybe give it another shot?!?!?

    • might have to give Stevia a second go – perhaps I had a bad batch 🙂 I’m hoping that giving up the DC cuts down on sweet cravings, I read somewhere that it really creates cravings for sugar and carbs. On change at a time right?!!!

  4. Good for you!!! I gave up soft drinks in 4th grade on the advice of a gymnastics coach (“it eats away at your stomach muscles” was all I needed to hear and I remember it to this day!) and never went back. I’ll have the occassional Sprite but nothing else is appealing, it’s all too sweet and I’ve NEVER liked Diet Coke though I have friends that swear by it. Ew. I even got Chris to give up soft drinks (he used to drink them all the time at home) and now he doesn’t even miss them! So it’s possible. And I tend to think anything with that much artificial crap in it doesn’t belong in my body anyways.

    So, does your sister have any other suggestions on how to get rid of cellulite? Because that won’t work for me. In other news, we’ll be in Vegas in a few weeks if she wants to meet up! 🙂

    • oh Liz, I remember that from gymnastics – why did that never sink in?! Thanks for the encouragement, glad to you Chris could do it!
      Are you friends with April on FB yet? She’s in Vegas The Show at Planet Hollywood, write and see what’s up, I’m sure that’d be great! and I’d be jealous!!

  5. That’s awesome!! I used to never drink soda, but lately became slightly in love with diet dr. pepper. I wish I had your willpower!!

  6. I gave up diet coke when I first started losing weight, and then went back to it for a couple of months when I got TOO low in weight – it’s a love-hate thing for me, and now I can’t stand the taste! Good luck!

  7. oh man, i had to kick my diet soda addiction awhile back; it was a funny thing actually as my whole running team and i got stuck waiting for our bus to get fixed at a meet. well we went out to eat and the place offered free refills. i literally drank my weight in soda and felt SOO sick that night and gassy i swore the stuff off. power to u, stay strong and find some better rewards to treat urself too…hehe. 🙂

  8. Good for you!! It’s not easy giving up a habit like that, but you CAN DO THIS! I’m sure your body will thank you for not putting that fake sugar and chemicals in your body – I’m so with you on just having some real sugar when you really want a soda or sweet, but doing so sparingly.

    I stopped drinking diet sodas a few years ago (they were my go-to afternoon pick up and hangover cure) and now when I taste a soda, it tastes sickeningly sweet to me. Your tastebuds will adapt, too, I bet!

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