The Good Life

Oh my gosh there’s so many exciting things going on!

First of all, I got my Sweat Pink package in the mail!!!  Along with a hot tank top that I can’t wait to wear and tons of laces to wear and give away to y’all who want to rock the pink, I got a sweet note from Jamie and Alyse.  It made my day!

I’m quite the lone ranger in my fitness endeavors simply because I’m traveling. I haven’t been in one place long enough to have fitness buddies and/or I’ve never really thought of working out or health as a community thing.  I’m really excited to be changing that. Along with Jamie and Alyse, the cofounders of Fit Approach I’ve gained an entire army of Sweat Pink Ambassadors that I’m just beginning to meet (not in person of course).  SO, while I’m still traveling and couldn’t tell you when I’ll be back in the US (could be 6 months, could be a few years), I know who I’ll virtually be sweating it out with.  Love it.

In other news, yes, I’ve got stuff going on and I’m being vague 🙂 I’m going to continue being a bit vague for my own safety and professional reasons.  But here’s what I can say – I’m leaving Australia for 4 months to dance with a great group of girls. Where going to be doing commercial burlesque and I couldn’t be more excited.  Pictures to come!  I’m heading off one week from today.  Dan will be hopefully be pining for me here in Australia eagerly awaiting my return.  And return I will (hopefully) in August. Providing Australia lets me come back (I have to apply for another visitors visa) I’ll be reunited with Dan and kangaroos. Then we’ll be traveling again because we’ve got a little job abroad together.  And then hopefully all our hard work and auditioning will have paid off and we’ll have that next job lined up that will bring us into 2013.  Oy, even writing about it is giving me a headache. But it’s all really good stuff and I’ll be keeping up with the bloggy and my workouts – even if I can’t really tell what I’ll be doing for fitness yet, fitness will be had!

Now, fit peoples, my peoples, I need some encouragement.  I workout, I eat healthy, I try to eat to support a low weight and high muscle definition.  Y’all have seen my best pics, those where I’m flexing with overhead lighting right after my workout.  But that’s not really how I look on the daily apparently.  I get a lot of awesome and kind compliments on my body and how fit I look and that’s great.  But today, I was reviewing my dance footage and I look like I normally look, curvy, white, slightly defined.  It was, upsetting. I try not to be vain but this is what I’m sending in to be JUDGED on my body.  and Dan’s mom watched and was confused, she said I don’t look very defined in my videos – maybe I need to eat more protein less carbs? Ugh. I’ve done high protein low carb, I’ve down low protein high carb low fat, I’ve been vegetarian, I’ve eaten clean, I’ve given up diets, I’ve done the warrior diet, I’ve done weight training, I’ve done yoga, running, walking, elliptical… And I’m just discouraged today. Not like crazy cry my eyes out. But enough to make me wonder why I’m so committed to fitness and eating clean if I just look, meh, when it matters, when I’m applying for a job.  Why don’t I look the way I feel?

This is were, on a down day, I rely on consistency to motivate me.  I’m not feeling like working out, why should I? I’m not the amazing dancer I want to be, I don’t have the amazing body I’ve been working towards so, what’s the point? The point is, it’s not all about looking good and getting everything you want. The point is today I feel like this and who knows what I’ll feel like tomorrow when I’m less stressed. The point is not to ditch everything just because I’m not getting the results I thought I would.  Maybe I just need to review what I’m doing and make goal and training adjustments. Or maybe I need to just chill out and realize that the way I look isn’t that big a part of who I am or what jobs I get. Maybe it’s less important that I actually think.

 hiding behind me feathers…

So, treadmill time? I think I’ll go put those pink laces on…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. When things are hard to hear, ask why your reaction makes you feel bad. Your body is strong, defined and capable. Would love to see your burlesque show!!

  2. I am so excited to get my package in the mail. 🙂

  3. You’re GORGEOUS! And your body is amazing. I think that is the stress talking. Honestly, we all are our harshest critics. Relax, breathe and smile.

  4. Ohhh and so happy your package arrived safe and sound! I think that might have been one of our longest distance travellers (yet…) 😉 Can’t wait to see you sweatin pink!

  5. Hello fello sweatpink ambassador! I just read this post an I really can relate. I’m a soccer player, so my body isn’t judged like yours, but what I do with it is!! I’ve worked hard since I was 8 to be the best, an it seems no matter how hard I train I can never get there. Its frustrating and at times painful, but when it comes down to it, I play soccer cause I LOVE it. I couldn’t imagine life without and THAT is what drives me. Good luck with this lady, I’m here for you if you need!

    • Wow! Your comment makes me feel so much less alone 🙂 I’m not the only one! And it’s a good reminder, we’er doing what we love BECAUSE we love it. Man, its so great to be connected to so many awesome people!

  6. I have to agree with Jamie on this one – sounds like the stress talking! Because, damn, girl, you have A LOT going on!

    We’re way harder on ourselves than anyone else is. Hang in there and keep taking good care of yourself!

  7. Yayyy!!! So exciting to hear you got your package…I am patiently waiting for mine 🙂 So pumped!!! And how awesome about your dancing!

  8. You have got a lot going on! And it all sounds really exciting! I’m looking forward to following you and being a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador!

  9. ok, I’m a little behind but I need to give my 2 cents LOL Videos lie…everyone knows it and plus if the quality is lower it won’t look as good anyway. Trust how you feel and what your body is telling you…not what you see in a video. And you do look amazing on a regular basis…I worked with you every day and I can attest to that 🙂 Maybe try getting spray tanned next time – video absorbs a lot of color (like with makeup) so maybe that will help and you will see muscle definition better with a darker color. Don’t be too hard on yourself – how you feel is a choice and you can choose to be proud of yourself or choose to find every flaw that you THINK is there.

  10. I seriously just left this long comment and now I have no idea where it went…ugh. But anyway, basically I said you’re amazing and look awesome – I worked with you every day so I consider myself an expert on the subject LOL Don’t trust the video it lies and video will absorb at least 50% of the makeup you wear so maybe if you’re worried about definition you can get spray tanned, that may help. Trust how you feel and what your body tells you (like with snacking before you go to bed). You can also choose how you feel about how you look and you can either choose to be proud of yourself or you can choose to find every flaw with how you look. Hope that helps even though a little late :/

    • that helps A LOT! I keep trying to tell myself if I looked good I’d look good on film, in all. But I’ll just shut that inner stupid voice up and listen to you, my fellow hottie 🙂 Dan said a tan is really the trick when you’re albino like me…p to the s, I love reading your blog, you’re so motivational and inspirational!

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