Whip Ma Hur

Today’s Workout: 4 mile run + 20 minute walk

I totally went out for another 3 miler today.  Since I started to realize that I’m hating attempting distance running I thought I’d just stick to 3 miles or 5k and just keep doing that, trying to get slightly faster, until it gets easier. Then I can think about working on distance again. No sense doing something I hate.  But, while it was cold, the sun was shining with a nice breeze going and I just easy jogged.  At 3 miles I wasn’t ready to quit so I kept going. At 4 miles I wasn’t ready to quit but I started bleeding from my shoes rubbing my arch so I called it done.  I have an important audition this week and I need to wear dance heels. I hate when I have an audition and I’m constantly in pain from half the skin on my feet falling off. Though I still think 5 miles was totally within my grasp I didn’t want to pay for it later by getting my fishnets bloody. Argh!

Remember my flexibility post a few days ago?  Here’s what I’m doing to improve my flexi-ness:

1. Fill up my water bottle at night and put in the fridge.  Then I have it cold and ready to consume first thing in the morning.  That way I can drink it all day long. And I have been 🙂 More water = more flexibility yo

2. For each of my runs this week (I don’t know why I didn’t feel like doing my HIIT on the treadmill. I usually love those workouts) I picked a distance and ran straight out until I hit that distance (or more today). Then I have to walk back home.  I hate warm ups and cool downs but I noticed when I walk after a run my hamstrings tighten up less and I have less pain in my hips. So no looping my run back around, it’s walking home for me !

3. I haven’t done it today yet but Friday after my run and my walk I sat in my splits for 5 minutes each.  Oddly it wasn’t hard and I’ve felt extra bendy since. Why did I stop doing this after grade school?  This old lady’s still got it.  Next up, sitting in my splits in front of the TV like my gymnastics teacher used to tell me.  That’s right, if you’re having a rough day just think there’s a nearly 30 year old woman somewhere in Australia sitting in front of the TV in her Future-In Laws house in the splits.  Perhaps I’ll watch cartoons and put my hair in pigtails….when it grows long enough.

4. yoga yoga yoga.  I never believed it but now I’m a believer.  Even 6 minutes of Sun Salutations with Tara Stiles makes a difference in my dancing. I can kick higher, move easier and for you buff chicks, I feel that doing yoga is stretching out my hip flexors in a way I never did before – which is giving my abs greater definition – the lower abs that are oh so hard to define.  It seems that way to me.

Now, clearly I just need to stretch my neck more because I was trying to dance all crazy like in the car and now I can’t look right and left.  I’m not flexible enough to head bang any more apparently.  Even just whip’n my hair can lead to a sore neck for a week. Sigh, there’s always something to work on…

ps. I’ve only been drinking more water for 3 days now, but I’ve increased the amount significantly. However, I woke up this morning bone dry, dehydrated. My lips were cracking, my throat was horse.  I’m feeling more and more dehydrated – is this just an adjustment phase? Ideas or personal experience is welcomed 😉


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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