Hittin’ the Links

What a great day!

Started out with a nice 3 miler  in beautiful weather- tight legs after being bed ridden, even two days is like starting over! Walked out another 3 miles to really stretch them out. I find a long walk after my runs tends to minimize hamstring pain for me.

Then a great day off spent with Dan, dinner with the fam, catching up with some good friends at a hookah cafe.

Now I’m rounding my night out with a midnight snack and then straight to pillow time!

mmmm vegan sausages and crackers, midnight snack of champions. This is pretty much what the computer sees every night.









I know it’s controversial, but I’m not shy of eating before I go to bed. Everyone’s body is different and I know a lot of people who feel healthier when they finish eating 4 hours at least before nodding off. So not me. If I’m a smidgen hungry I can’t sleep, I really like going to bed comfortably full.  The only real problem being often I’m up for bathroom runs more then once during the night. I’ve learned to stay away from anything that involves liquid or dried fruit! Anyone else nosh at night? I’m curious what others eat for nighttime snacks. I’m so not creative and usually end up with oats and soy milk but that’s usually brekkie too so I’m trying to branch out. Tonight it was veggie links and saltines – just what I had on hand 🙂 Meh!

Buona notte tutti! (good night all, Italian)


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. love the picture!! demolish that sausage link…hehe. i get annoyed with people who tell me to NOT eat past such and such hour and i think it’s a myth that the clock has to do with being overweight. it’s just that mindless eating can happen in front of the TV later at night so i think that can be a factor. in the past when i’ve done really high training i’d down upwards of 2000 cal’s and then zonked out for the night…yea that bathroom visits aren’t a blast but it didn’t make me a fat cow. 😉

    • Cait, you’re way to much of a speed demon athlete for the rules of normal humans to apply!!!

      Yeah, I’ve never really listened to most of the “rules” because I think they’re only a consideration when you’re overweight where you’re health is in danger. I’ve never been in that category so I chow when I’m hungry and sleep like a baby 😉

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