In honor of my new alliance with the fierce fit women (and men) of Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink movement I looked through my workout clothes to find something pink to wear for my abs and yoga workout this morning.  Lovely Jamie has sent me a tank and the famous pink shoelaces but since I’m in Australia the transit time is a bit longer then US/Canada recipients.  You know me, I’m impatient, I’ve climbed on board and I’m ready to play!

However it should have been no surprise to me that I just don’t have much pink in my closet except this lone and slightly uncomfortable teeny tiny sports bra.  Undetterred I put it on and started up my Tony Horton.

The reason my closet is light in pink is really a matter of history.  My sister and I hated pink after a certain age.  That age must have been after 6 years old because we shared a strawberry pink room with matching white canopy beds covered in strawberry pink comforters. I think we liked it for a year before we decided that pink was symbolic for everything we were not (or at least thought we weren’t) – girly, whiny, fussy, weak, timid, afraid of hard work. We grew up with brothers and god bless my poor little sister I was the most awkward tomboy of a big sister.  For some reason that correlation between pink and simpering, weak, meekness seemed to carry through to my adulthood. For a long time I shunned stereo-typically “girly” things like flowers, shopping, spa days with the girls thinking that if I liked them I wasn’t a bad ass.

Over time I realized, after having received flowers from a boy or two, that I ADORED flowers. And spa days – forget about it! I’m all over a massage and some pampering! Shopping still isn’t my thing but Pinterest sure is! Baking, oh I love baking! You know what, I’m still a bad ass, I guess girly and bad ass aren’t mutually exclusive after all.

So, Fit Approach and their Sweat Pink motto is my next step, I’m welcoming pink back with open arms. Apparently some wicked athletes can rock the pink, like shopping and still kick major booty on the track, trails and all competitive arenas -Kara Goucher wears pink for crying out loud and no one would deny she’s a bad ass!












As for my workouts I’m finally back on track after being laid up over the weekend! Yesterday I kept it really light with just a treadmill walk while watching Whip It. I ADORE that movie. Good luck trying to keep a light walk, I really wanted to push and run and do some HIIT but I didn’t. My abstinence paid off , I was feeling nearly 100% when I woke up this morning. I jumped back into AbX and Tara Stiles 50 minute yoga. Abs were strong even after being sick!  Yoga was good, I was really tight from lying down all weekend – my legs and back and hips tend to tighten immediately when I stop moving!

It’s about time to change up my workouts again. Since I’m planning to be traveling in a week or two I’m really trying to come up with the best plan to stay consistent while I face the unknown.  I’ll keep you posted and I’m always open to advice 🙂


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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