To Soy or Not To Soy

I’m working to find all vegan sources of quick, unprocessed, nut free healthy food to fill me up and cover all my nutritional needs in spite of some temporary limitations of location and living situation and some not so temporary allergies and stomach issues. The things that are working recently are oats, shredded coconut, raw sunflower seeds, tons of fruit, corn, carrots and hummus.  But there are compromises too and today I bought some processed items that are vegan but I think will help me not be so hungry all the time. Grocery list today: tofu, vegan frozen burgers and hot dogs, two tubs of hummus, soymilk, whole grain brown rice crackers (which I already tore into and dipped into hummus-perfection!).  Me thinks an overload of soy is also not wise, but for now, I’ll take it. My dinner was pretty light and fresh and 100% natural 🙂 I just put corn in a bowl with a handful of fresh spinach and a broken up gigantic mushroom, draped it with a paper towel and zapped in the microwave – again, not ideal, I know, microwave and all but like I said, I’m in transition, I’m changing my diet a bit, I’m being graciously allowed to use a kitchen that is not my own and I actually eat quite a bit of food that I have not purchased.  What can I say, I’m a lucky, spoiled lady 🙂 and it was delicious!








If you have any advice on quick, vegan, unprocessed (or lightly processed) eating for the time and space limited I’d LOVE to have it!!!  Also, I’ll be traveling real soon so – anyone have any international vegan traveling tips?

And on the other end of this spectrum – delicious sweet treats are part of my healthy living plan and so I was looking up animal free treats. They’re never hard to come upon 🙂 But they’re extra cool when they don’t have to include oil or margarine.  I’m excited to try subbing chia gel for oil in my banana bread and then today I cam across this link for vegan frosting!!  I was searching it and they all seem to include margarine and this one doesn’t!  I am dying for a giant cupcake or piece of cake piled with frosting – I’m not really a cake fan but when the craving hits I want mine to have a tower of sugar ontop. It doesn’t look like the nice big pile of buttercream you dream of (if you’re like me), but it describes is being akin to brownie batter which I think sounds ah-mazing.  Since Sunday is free day (I eat whatever I want but usually things involving sugar and chocolate).

On a non food related note, I painted my nails (a rarity for me, I seem to chip them in 3.5 seconds)








And my own proof that hard work pays off:

 all of this








Has led to this!

yah, I’m holding my boobs and frowning, what of it?










And yes I am proud 🙂 I work hard for my abs! and don’t worry, I’m not done yet, I believe there’s more work that can be done and I’m ready for the task. Ps. Tony Horton always does wonders for my abdominal region. Love P90X AbRipperX.  I so want to try P90X2…

Man this post feels manic. Perhaps I shouldn’t watch Shrek and participate in 12 conversations while I’m writing… perhaps


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. ummm, i’ve seen ur abs and u SHOULD be proud!!! haha…that is a great ab move, and i like u calling it the ‘hold the non-existant boob’ pose. 😉

    hey, don’t be baggin on the micro….we still have our ghetto cook book in the works! jk. i’ve had lots of faux meats and for the most part i’m a big fan as i don’t like actual meats outside of chicken or turkey. 😛 keep up the great work!

    • I ALWAYS love your comments! I swear we have to write a ghetto cook book I bet it would totally take off!

      ah boobs – I always tease that mine were put on backwards – I have amazingly pronounced scapula 😉

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