Green Fail

It’s yoga/abs day! You know what that means – tea and pajamas, roll out of bed workout!









I felt really good doing the Tara Stiles/Deepak Chopra 50 minute yoga I raved about the other day. I’m finding it easier to calm my mind and sink into poses. I especially  feel a difference in the warrior poses, my legs usually burn and I want to come out of it and shake them out but I’m getting more patient and the patience is allowing me to get stronger.









and yes I am wearing the same pajamas as Tuesday. I’ll probably be rocking them again on Saturday…

As you know I’m not living at home right now. In fact 1/3 of what I own is in boxes that were shipped to my Dad’s house in Ohio, 1/3 was shipped to Dan’s parents house in Australia (where I’m currently staying) and is sitting in those boxes in a spare room and the last 1/3 is either in the guest room where we’re staying, with my sister in Las Vegas or with various friends and ex’s in California. Oh the performers life!  I’m really lucky that my man’s family is so accommodating. I’ve been wanting to try to make smoothies especially since I’ve been freezing all my fruit. I love eating frozen fruit! an I feel like I’m eating oats for most of my meals! Dan’s mom offered to let me use her blender and I just haven’t attempted it until today. I had my bag of spinach, 1/2 chopped carrot, frozen grapes, 1/2 banana and soymilk all prepared. Long story short I couldn’t get the blender to work no matter what I tried. In desperation I tried using the food processor because I knew that worked.


I tried to drink it. But it was like trying to sip and chew at the same time.  The flavor was awesome! Not like V8 which I hate, or like drinking a cold soup. It was smoothie flavored. However the constant chewing needed for the chunks of carrot and pieces of spinach was disturbing. I let it go even though I hate wasting food.

I’m still hungry as I had to just comfort myself with the rest of the frozen grapes and tea. Sigh…I’ve got to go find something to eat, preferrably something that’s NOT oatmeal.



But here’s a little something to read. I just found the Mind Body Green website whilst searching Brendan Brazier (getting vegan ideas for energy and endurance). There’s an interview with Melissa Etheridge – one my favorite artists.

MBG: Favorite healthy food?

ME: Quinoa

MBG: Favorite guilty indulgence?

ME: I do not feel guilty about anything any more.”

Well said Ms Etheridge and something for us to think about….



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I love Melissa Etheridge. Great answer to what she feels guilty about. 🙂

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