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One of the reasons I love Ab/Yoga day is because I can pretty much make a cup a tea in my pj’s, wander into my FMIL’s workout room and just get to it in my comfy clothes.











I have a full day of rehearsals ahead so my brain was conserving energy. I whipped through AbripperX and it felt so good!  But then, I just downloaded Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and I really wanted to try it out. But as soon as I turned it on I knew it wasn’t the right fit for today. I think I’ve really been benefitting lately from stepping away from P90X weight workouts, Bodyrock and my resistance training. I know that I’ll go back again, it’s all about balance. But this DVD didn’t seem to flow for me today, it seemed too “workout-y” if that makes any sense and not at all yoga. So I turned it off – to be done on a sweaty workout day! I think I’ll like it but not if I’m looking for a yoga workout. My yoga days are about breath, core, lengthening, sitting into poses and contemplating the deeper meaning of physical practice in correlation with emotional practice.

This will sound hypocritical but I switched to the 20 minute “10 pound Slimdown Yoga” (I get most of my yoga on iTunes if you’re wondering. Just type in “yoga” in the search, there’s not that many so you can find the ones I do easily). But this 2o minute routine with Chris Freytag flows really well for me. I wish it was 40 minutes or 75. I love her demeanor and I get a lot out of it without feeling bulky. I guess that’s it, I’m staying away from some of my favorite workouts because they feel bulky to me. This one breaths and it feels like yoga instead of a fad of the month workout to sweat and burn calories. Truly I have found there is a time and place for most things. As much as it may hurt my ego to admit it, dropping the weights and strength has done my body (and mind) good right now. The ego is hurt because I used to bang out 12 pull ups without so much as a grunt. Now 2 or 3 is challenging. Suckage. But I don’t have constant pain in my rotator cuff or the inability to fit in short sleeve shirts.  Soon I’ll be ready to build that strength up again. Until then I need to listen to the cues…

Speaking of which, if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’m nutrition ADD.  I self proclaimed non-foodie – I don’t enjoy trying new different exciting foods, I pretty much like the 5 things I like and the 3 foods that seem to change weekly or monthly. And as far as exciting desserts, I can be motivated by the following – jelly beans, chocolate chips, cookie dough and cheesecake if I’m sharing it with Dan. Everything else is white noise. I was vegetarian when I was young until I an eating disorder was discovered (not from being a vegetarian of course) and since I was under 18 my doctor stepped in and I was eating chicken again.  Then as a young adult I went vegan for a while and found I really liked that. Eventually, for ease I started eating dairy and eggs again and I went back and forth on that for years.  Last year I tried eating chicken and fish again. I like being a vegetarian to be honest. But since I’ve been on an extremely limited clean eating plan for the last month I’ve been eating very basic foods – oats, soymilk, vegetables, fruit, sunflower seeds (I’m allergic to all nuts), coconut and occasional whole grain bread or rice. And that’s pretty limited so I allowed grilled chicken, fish and eggs too a few times a week. But I’ve been STARVING no matter how many cups of oatmeal I eat a day. So last week I incorporated plain yogurt and it squelched the burning hunger. I ended up mixing it with oats and eating cups of it a day and it really helped. However, I have developed some systic acne on my face and really painful pimples inside my nose as well as some stomach upset. Dairy really is not my friend. I have a kilo of natural yogurt in the refrigerator and I thought I’d just finish it off and then not buy it again but I don’t think I can honestly. My nose is in pain and concealer is expensive!  Dairy is out. And it makes me think my vegan ways really are best for me. I feel better in my brain when I’m vegan it’s just that I don’t have my own kitchen or space right now, and I thought yogurt, eggs, chicken would help me eat with less prep time and less ingredients. But I think I’m going to go back to what works. Basic basic basic.

On ward and upward, Peace Out


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I’ve cut out weight lifting and did straight yoga before. You will notice a difference…like super bendy difference 🙂

  2. Loved this blog! Forget the yogurt! Love you! XOXO

  3. holy moly girl, i hope u recover from that nasty lactic backlash!! i’m the same way in that if i like foods i eat them literally all the time, i’m not a big variety person either!! haha. but i struggle with the never full thing too, but what has helped me is adding in proteins that i like with the carbs…carbs i could eat all day long! have u tried eggs or egg beaters, i scramble those up and they help fill me up.

    oh, and umm, i confess to NEVER not ever being able to do one pull-up…sad, these runner arms of mine. 😛

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