Quick One

I rode a bike and I liked it!

 This would be what I looked like if I could grow my hair out. And buy a white sports bra – seriously it’s like black or some shade of red and that’s it.







Today time was crunched. Dan was sweet and drove me the 1.5 into the city and waited for me so that I could take a 2 hour master class. Since we were already there I had packed my sneakers so we could go spend the rest of the day at a friends house nearby AND I could get my run in. I thought I’d tuck the boys into some boy-like conversation and then head out with my iPod blissfully drowning out the memories of sport talk. Buuuut when we got there and I realized my shoes smelled like ass thanks to my rainy day run on Monday and then Mark said I could hang with the cool kids and use the stationary bike…um YES! See, I secretly love hanging with these guys – they’re creative and funny and even change the channel when I complain about watching fishing. So I strapped in for a nice 60 minute bike ride – I started steady but kept changing up my speed and resistance. Now, I’m not a biker. I’ve been on a stationary bike maybe 10 times in my life and I’ve ridden a ”real” bike even less. I’ve always thought it would make my thighs massive. But I loved it. I sweat like a melting iceberg and enjoyed listening to the boys comment on my movie choice (has anyone seen Night Watch? I read the 3 book series and loved it. but the movie made me look a fool). I kind of missed my run and believe it or not I feel a little weird not doing any strength training at the moment, but I feel really good.

I see more biking in my future….

Tomorrow I’m dancing for 3 hours and then must still get my yoga on – it’s on the schedule!!! and a good weekend is in store – I can’t believe it’s nearly the weekend again. This week really passed  me by!



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Ya you are a biker, woooot woot!!!! 🙂

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