This is how I started my workout – bundled up. I did remove the boots though.










 This is how I ended it.

I decided that doing abs on yoga days really works out the best so I started off strong with Ab Ripper X and then moved on to yoga. I downloaded 3 programs to get me started and the one I tried today was actually but Stott Pilates. It was supposedly an intermediate Vinyasa Flow with some pilates technique in it. It sure seemed all yoga to me. It was 40 minutes long. I liked it, it wasn’t super hard but it really stretched out my hips and legs. It just didn’t quite feel like enough. I did a 10 minute Tara Stiles podcast just to finish up.

The funny thing is I didn’t really feel like I’d “worked out” but when I got to dance class tonight my legs were in such a good place! I haven’t felt so long and bendy and ready to go in a long long time. It was awesome. My knee had started to really ache during my run yesterday and after yoga this morning I felt no pain while dancing.

I’m really looking forward to my schedule this week. Tomorrow I have a master class for 2 hours that I fell in love with last week and then we’re going to a friends house. While the boys write I get to go for my run around a new neighborhood! Keeping it fresh!

In other news… I’ve never understood Pinterest but I’ve certainly enjoyed what other people have “pinned” on facebook here and there. My bestie sent me something in an email from Pinterest last week and so when I went to look at it it said I could start my own account if I signed up to be invited. Wow, there’s a waiting list for this..this…social networky kind of thing. I signed up and tonight I was “invited” lol! Cracked me up. Now to figure out how to use it

Are y’all on Pinterest? Any yoga recommendations?


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I am just beginning my relationship with yoga so I’ll have to tell you once I’m better aquatinted 🙂 and I WANT YOUR ABS> how did you get those??? I know it sounds like a silly question but do you eat super healthy?? b/c I do lots of ab work and I’m tiny but no definition, just a mom pouch and a good chunk of fat over top! lol

    • how bout we trade, I’d give anything to be tiny! a few years ago I ate really clean and did P90X and my abs appeared! Now I’m lucky because it doesn’t take much to get them to show – a little exercise and cut down on sugar. Seriously, check out Ab Ripper X, it’s 16 minutes of abs (350) moves and seems to get me definition fast

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