Sunday Simplifications

Well the first month of my self customized training program has come and gone. A success in my book. The nutrition aspect, while I think there are a few aspects to tweak a little bit, has really served me well – I gained definition in my abs and arms, felt a definite surge in energy, I look and feel healthy and real balance. Definitely doable, easy, specific, flexible. I’m going to continue with my current nutrition regime.

As for the workout, things are going well, but I think I need to kick it up a notch but without adding more time. I won’t have more time to train, I’ll have less as I’m going to be dancing more in the coming weeks. I have to remind myself that I’m not a professional athlete nor do I have dreams of becoming one. I want to be extraordinary, its true. I don’t know why but as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to excell not just do. But I’m not a runner, I never have been, I never competed in track -although there are times I really wish I had excelled at some sport instead of choosing a career in the arts as I’m comforted by measurable success and I have found it ridiculously hard to measure success in dancing and the entertainment business.  I’m not competing in strength therefore my strength workouts are either to be stronger for dancing/aerial work or to make me look good when I go to auditions. I have to remind myself of these goals because I feel ridiculous working out sometimes.

The one thing I’m upset about my training is that I really really want my legs to be smaller. It’s no small feeling of defeat that I can’t get them to budge. And as much as I can tone my abdomen and lose body fat there my legs look even more disproportionate and I can’t fit into the clothes I want to wear. Case in point today I tried on a pair of skinny jeans (screw you fashion world), they don’t fit over my calves. My waist is a small size, hell my hips are a small size, my legs usually give me some grief – but today I couldn’t have greased these pants over my calves. I would understand that if I was a fantastic gymnast, if I was a world class athelete – but I’m not. I’m a dancer and dammit I want to fit in all the right costumes (that means you sexy platform boots that refuse to zip over my calves). Irony and agony – my boyfriend would do anything to get my calves on his body. I feel like working out just to change my body dimensions is stupid. And yet I also feel like the size of my legs and their muscularity holds me back in performing. Maybe I’m dead wrong. I hope I am. But in my mind I feel like there’s got to be a feasible way to make my legs a manageable and proportionate size. Sorry, leg rant, where was I?

How will I tweak my training now ? I’ve been going back and forth on this all day. It’s been 4 successful weeks, and it’s good for the body to change things up so now I’m going to do a “lengthening week”. I haven’t really run very much and I have the race coming up. I think I’ve really dropped most excess body fat and my abs and arms and back are lean and toned. So it’s going to be a running and yoga week (plus I’ve got like 4 days of dance classes/rehearsal this week). Then I’ll see how I feel. I’m hoping this helps me with a few goals – really put some time in to losing muscle on my legs, get more comfortable with consistent running mileage, help me to feel less tight and bunched up in my hamstrings.

It’ll look like this:

Mon – run + ab ripper x

Tues – yoga

Wed – run + abs

Thur – yoga

Frid – run + ab ripper x

Sat – rest day

Sun – long run day

Often I’ve found, when I’m not getting exactly what I’m looking for, that I’m going about it in a complicated manner. Focusing on one or two simple pieces often helps me get where I’m going with less frustration. I have muscle tone, more then I want. Why then am I still doing strength training right now? So I’m dropping it and just focusing on running and yoga-ing (abs are a given and help with everything), I’ll see how I feel after the week but I’m thinking of doing 4 weeks of this schedule just to see how it serves me.

PS. I’m finally sort of committed to growing my hair out which means I have to start getting creative with headwear. Advice is always welcome

 does this bow make me look fat?










 This is me with my best friend a looong time ago. Note how long my hair is…and how small my eyebrows are…







 This is the last hair do before the big biker chick hair chop of 2010













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  1. It seems like everyones body stores its padding in different spots. For me, I see different areas tone with different sorts of training. To be honest, intensity (not volume) is what really gets me lean.

    • hmmm good to know. Intensity is something I always hesitate to play with because I fear it builds additional muscle quickly on me – but there are different ways to add intensity. I have really felt great mileage and speed changes simply by adding in the 20 minute intervals

      • Oh ya, fartlecks/tempo runs/track workouts really got me in my best shape back in my running days. Anything that got my heart rate up in the 160s-180s would do the trick.
        PS I wouldn’t worry about adding muscle.

  2. That’s it! I need to monitor my heart rate! Sounds like I’ll be doing my first fartlek this week… and thanks, I love getting advice from you

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