Inspiration Sunday

I know it’s Sugar Sunday but I like to think of it as encompassing all things sweet. All around I have friends who are uncertain about their futures, trudging blindly ahead with only their faith in various things as a guide. This could be because most of my friends are performers and the very foundation of our career is that there is no foundation. Ideas of art and entertainment are constantly changing. In honor of Sugar Sunday I’m posting all sweet things I find today. I hope to update a few times:

  • This is a link to Timothy Ferris’s interview with Paulo Coehlo. He’s one of my favorite authors and Tim asks him the hard questions for an aspiring writer with some really insightful answers by Paulo. I believe his answers can be applied to any profession chosen out of passion.
  • When you google search “ways to audition better” a wiki how page comes up (which made me giggle) and I read the tips one of the last tips is this: “Congratulate yourself on every audition you do, successful or not. It is the most difficult part of the job, and actors who do it, and who are good at it, work the most. The more you audition the closer you are to landing the part.”  That’s actually what I do when I run, because running doesn’t come from a natural passion for running for me. I congratulate myself on everything, every mile, ever minute I stay on the treadmill, otherwise it’s just one more area of life where I can beat myself up emotionally about not being good enough. But, I never thought to do that with auditions. It makes sense to behaviorally train yourself to feel “rewarded” so that your body responds to auditions in a positive way instead of with fear and anxiety.
  • I had an awesome 7 miler today outside. Thank you all you runners who daily encourage me to keep at it. I feel like running is a constant reminder of my own life. You have to put in the miles to get anywhere, usually there’s long patches of just existing and then short patches of that “high” feeling, no one can do it for you…et al.
  • iTunes has a few free songs to be downloaded every week. I like to download them and listen to them on my long run day but I hide them in shuffle. Mind games my friends, it’s all about the mind games. Today I’m loving Jessie Thomas’s “Fire” an indie singer/songwriter from Covington, Kentucky (close to where I grew up in Cincinnati). She’s free today on iTunes if you want to check her out!
  • Go to this link and read it. Just do it. Especially if you have lofty ambitions and worry about them and wonder if they’re too high. I feel like I could have both written this article and need to read it over and over again. And there’s none of that land among the stars crap.
  • I love my bug eye sunnies. I know I’d look cooler in actually made for sport sunglasses but these $10 little beauties are my favorite. I’ve replaced them 3 times. Seems they’re a classic 🙂 

About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. This is awesome because I love to use Sunday to gear up for a good new week!

  2. thanks for the sugar rush!! 🙂 that is really great advice on congratulating urself much more…i mean i can imagine how easy it can be to have nil self-esteem in an industry that has u going to tons of interviews, castings, etc…and only the thick skinned survive. so keeping perspective of ur strengths and instances u did well has to be important…then u can balance that with the constructive crit.

    as for the running i’m JAZZED u are making those runs longer and maybe even starting to like them, or at least telling urself u do. 🙂

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