Sugar Sunday

I don’t know why, but the tides are turning and instead of gummies I really want cookie dough for sugar sunday. And seeing as how I’m 4 hours away from SS I found this recipe  for vegan cookie dough, to be eaten without baking it. So I’m about to whip that up. Although, confession time, while I’ve 100% stayed the course all week, now that it’s 8pm on Saturday night, I’m drinking a glass of red while I make my future treats. Baking/cooking and drinking red wine just go together for me.

Okay, cookie dough is now in a bowl in the freezer. I’m ready for midnight…








In other news, long after my regular workout was done I went for a little 2 miler just to burn off some energy. Felt good. It was short but getting in the habit of running not as a workout but just because I “like” running, want to build up mileage or it helps me process anger or other non constructive feelings, is what I want. Practice makes perfect. Or, as my ballet teacher used to say, “practice makes permanence”. I only slightly miss the mandatory red lipstick and bowling ball hair, but I miss that tough old bird and her comments about my gigantic thighs. “Joffers” I believe is what she used to call them…sigh.

Tomorrow I have a 7 miler scheduled in. It’s funny I’ve really been looking forward to my Sunday run. It’s outside, we almost never have plans on Sunday (I’ve been habitually skipping dance classes even though there’s some good ones on Sunday. But I like getting my run in) and I’ve got sugar to burn – not like the rest of the week where I’m constantly hungry. It’s like an extended amount of time by myself just to think over everything and then I’m usually ready to get out of my head and talk to other people.

I’ll leave you with some recycled inspiration. Tiffany, who I linked to before, gave me this inspiration today and I’m hanging on to it.

“Think and practice/train like you are already in the place you want to be.  There is no I want to be, only I am…eventually your reality will catch up to what you are thinking about” (thought by Dr. Wayne Dyer)


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Workouts are so much more enjoyable and usually end up better when you are truly doing it for the right reasons whether that be training or enjoyment. For me, it is often just to sort out emotions with myself.

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