A Different Squat

Yesterday I was in a foul mood.

Yes, I know yesterday was Sugar Sunday and I did my fair share of sugaring (I made chocolate chip cookies, yes!) but I was just feeling down. I decided to go for a run instead of do the strength work out scheduled, mostly because it was really nice outside. Good choice, I started to run ( I had decided a quick 3 miles would be perfect) and it felt good. Not just tolerable but actually good. However I had to pee. I looked around, stopped my watch, cowered into a tree and did a squat. Funny all day I’d been in a crap mood. After leaving my scent in the Australian wetlands I giggled like a schoolgirl until I’d hit 3 miles. It didn’t feel like enough, too quick a workout. But I’d already pushed my mileage for the week so I walked myself home.  Feels good to actually like a run again.

Today I powered through my workout first thing. It’s getting easier which means it’s time to make it harder. I said every 4 weeks I’d change it up and this is week 3. Sounds like everything is going as planned.

On a different note I’m feeling really sick after I eat sugar. Sugar sunday I put a spoonful (or two) of cookie dough in my mouth and cramped up. I was doubled over in pain. So I stuck to pita bread with Earth Balance. Later I tried some chocolate chips, more pain and cramping. I did eat the actual cookies – so good. But I think I have to play it safe next sunday. Perhaps its a wine and cheese kind of Sunday. I had allergy testing done while I was in Singapore. I have really bad bouts of IBS, fatigue, mood swings. I thought maybe I had some allergies and my nut allergy was spreading to all nuts. Almonds had been a mainstay of my diet for years (the years I was vegan I relied heavily on raw or toasted nuts). The test revealed allergies in varying degrees to eggs, garlic, malt, vanilla and cane sugar. I thought it was ridiculous as I never have problems some of those things. I thought maybe my immune system was weak and so I was showing allergy like symptoms. I continued to eat copious amounts of sugar. I’m starting to think though, that maybe there’s something to it. I don’t have any problems when I eat fruit…

In other news I took another great dance class tonight! The proof, my disgusting feet! LOOK AWAY IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH…

  All of you worried about “singles awareness day” tomorrow. Just remember sometimes being in a relationship is not the easy lovey dovey road that the flowers and chocolates would have you believe…Dan gets nothing but these feet tomorrow. Sexy.

Speaking of, I’m a big Valentines Day lover. I’ve celebrated single most years (even that year I’d just been dumped and found myself face down in a tub of Chunky Monkey and kleenex). I always buy myself flowers (I love flowers) and eat conversation hearts and watch movies that help me to continue to believe in the kind of love that I want to be real. Last year I was in a relationship, with Dan, and I showed up to meet him after work in a dress and heels – to be met with a grumpy man, just wanting to relax after work, who hates Valentines Day. I had fast food in my dress and heels (yes I looked like a cheap hooker), but all was not lost as I had bought myself flowers earlier and regardless of national “buy chocolates and roses” day I knew I’d already found my man for life-priceless. Somethings are much more important than silly traditions. But silly traditions are still fun 🙂

So if you find yourself alone or lonely on V Day, think of me, hell, message me if you want! I’ll think of you and if you’re into it, buy yourself some flowers (not roses though, they’re so expensive. Stargazer lilies say your special for less $$). There’s no need to wait for someone else to come along and treat you the way you want to be treated!

 (that’s Dan in the Charlie Chaplin outfit. We lead a life less ordinary. Can we also talk about a rare shot where it looks like I have cleavage?!!!)


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I think everyone can enjoy Valentines Day, and I wish more people realized that.

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