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Why it’s important to write down your goals (for me):

4 days a week I’m doing Rusty’s Visual Impact program for Women. It is (sorry Rusty) incredibly slow and boring and it almost never makes me sore. I don’t sweat until the treadmill intervals. Its 5 or 6 weighted exercises done for only 5 reps/ 5 times – that’s 25 of each exercise but you take at least 1 min break between sets. Meaning it takes me forever.  Only after that’s all done do I jump on the treamill for 20 minutes of intervals and then a 20 minute walk.  A walk, not a run.

I am bored. I feel like I’m not working hard enough. I feel like I’m giving in to laziness.

But when I look at list of goals I chose his program specifically for how it would change my body. I am in the entertainment business. Often I feel vain and shallow that I spend a lot of time on looking a certain way (not necessarily better, just a specific look) and not just to run faster or be an elite athlete. But I love my profession, I love the arts, I love dance and aerial work. And I know that there are some jobs I’ve gotten simply because I looked more fit or the same as the other girls in the show or simply fit in the costumes available. I’ve also been passed over for jobs for this reason. The job I had to send in those bikini pictures for is a dancing job that asked specifically because they require “visible abdominal muscles”

So today when i was doing the boring seemingly ineffective workout I reminded myself what my goals are. My goals are to gain strength slowly so as not to build mass but to shrink muscles and keep tone. My goals are to lose some excess muscle from my legs and shoulders and tighten my triceps. My goals are to have flat, visible abdominal muscles. That is my goal for the VI days. My goal for running days is to build up the ability, patience and endurance to run longer and longer distances. That is it. I don’t have speed goals right now I have mileage goals.

I encourage you to write down your goals. Then you can compare goals to results, keep whats working, drop whats not, tweak, change and progress.

This is my progress picture today. I’m getting some results that I want and clearly without having to starve myself. I can keep going 🙂 This with my 6 miles yesterdays shows me that the plan is working, I’m reaching my goals.

   Now, to study. I have a lot of studying still to do….


Do you write down your goals? Like I said, I go through cycles. I have structured times like now where I writed everything down and shoot for something specific and I have other times where I’m traveling, working, doing other things where I don’t have structured goals, just a general goal to keep active most days.


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Your visible abs are fantastic! Do you think Randy’s work out is too easy for you?
    My goals are to rehab my knee, reduce belly goosh and have toned arms. In two weeks I’ll be wearing a bikini in the Caribbean. Hoped to have things under control through running, but that’s been side tracked due to injury.

    • Thanks 🙂 I think I need heavier weights since it’s low rep and I just don’t have the ability to get them right now. But I do still think his easy workout is effective. Your poor knee 😦 Okay All I’ve really done for my belly is stop eating any sweets during the week and just have candy, dessert, sugar in my coffee on Sunday and Sunday only. I really think that’s been the biggest change. Check out Rusty’s free ab ebook though. It’s for women and I pretty much do his ab protocol twice a week and ab ripper once or twice. got to http://www.fitnessblackbook.com and you can find his “Abs blueprint”.
      Want to take me with you to Caribbean? I sure need a tan….

  2. Hey girlie. You look AMAZING!! And I’m addicted to rusty’s blog now thanks to you. I opted for the vacation blueprint considering we will be there shy of 3 weeks!! Please let me know how visual impact goes. I tried HIIT the other day and it was kick ass. I still have do pounds to lose so I opted to buy eat stop eat. Think it’s gonna compliment our food program with the boot camp regimen we are doing. Gonna start the fast now and see what results I get. I write everything down as well to compare and what not. Says I should see rests in 10days so gonna try it. Think I will start my run regimen when we get back but atleast eat stop eat can work on vacation and Im able to eat whatever I want. Just smaller portions. Gonna have to incorporate some hiking or something for a month in Oz!! The strict 9 is pretty much what we are doin now. I have a really cool book from a friend about combining foods as well that helps me recognize what to eat, when and what together. Example:fruit should ALWAYS be eaten separately. Never knew why I always felt bloated after eating a salad with fruit. It’s really interesting! And now that I know the combos I can feel a difference in my body. Can’t wait to see ur results. Keep me posted. I wanna lose leg mass too but pounds gotta come off 1st. Day 1 of 10 here we go!!!

    • Melissa! I have his vacation blueprint but I haven’t used it yet! I can’t wait to see your results 🙂 I also have ESE and while I don’t use it regularly I often something like it while traveling and not really working out and I find it really helpful and easy. I’d like to start incorporating it once or twice a week but I haven’t yet. Tell me about the food combining. I’ve heard that about fruit but never put it into practice…

  3. um, first of all, u have an amazing body!! i really liked reading this because it’s a bit of a different perspective than most of the people/runners i’ve been around…so the differing goals is cool to read. u shouldn’t feel vain though about ur goals at all, they are what u are striving for and wat is asked for in ur business! 🙂

    as for the running and building ur endurance, the only real ‘tip’ there is consistency and keep gradually upping the time u’re running. endurance takes more time to build up than speed, but keep it up and it’s something u retain for a lot longer. keep it up and working towards those goals…as for looks u are looking stunning! 🙂

    • Hi Cait! Thanks! I’ve been working really hard on my body for a long time. i love reading runners blogs like yours because I have this idea that after I build up a good base of endurance and mileage I can actually start running for reals! BUT I’ll never be a serious competitor like you and it’s so great to read about it. Inspiring. It’s like how some people watch sports, I like reading about runners! Thanks for the tips!!

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