Did it

And we’re back people! A nice 6 miler under my belt, up to old speed. It felt good.

What I’ve learned:

1. I’m not in a treadmill mindset right now. Get me outside in this beautiful Australian weather – wind, fresh air- with the gorgeous green birds, butterflies and kangaroos running about, and I’m good to go. Now. Its so funny how I go back and forth. I’d love one day to join a running group. I’ve never run with other people except in races and a few times with a friend of mine. He always smoked me though so I’d just follow waaaay behind and meet him later. Like an hour later <hangs head>

2. I am not really sport motivated as much as I am music motivated. I always forget this. I spent the best part of my childhood competing in sports before I started competing in dance competitions. I was a competitive swimmer every summer for 10 years as well as a competitive soccer player, diver, gymnast. Something was always missing. I loved competing, I didn’t always love training but, like everyone else, I loved results and the sense of accomplishment after a good sweat. Do you know what I used to do to get myself to push faster when I thought I couldn’t push anymore during 100M butterfly? I’d sing underwater a song that was faster then the current rhythm of my strokes (probs sounded funny to the other swimmers). Music. I downloaded just 3 new songs and I was rapt!

3. I don’t hydrate and I need to. I started to feel like crap at 4.6 miles. Then my lip cracked and I thought back to what I’d poured down my throat today – green tea, green tea, soy latte, diet coke… notice anything missing? I arrived home 6 miles and a decent walk back later and I’ve been sucking down water since.

4. I start to feel weary around 5 miles. Now that I’ll be looking at longer runs 7-13 coming up I think I’m going to have to start messing with running fuel. I’ve never really carried water and I never ate anything during runs until the half marathon. Not training just the actual event. I wore a hydration backpack for the first time during the race and I even ate a gel! It was in Singapore (think Equator) and I’d carried the gel in my sports bra for 8 miles. It was like really hot chocolate pudding and I nearly choked on it. I also accepted a 1/4 of a banana 2 miles from the finish, lol, it feels weird to run and chew!  I’m not sure, i don’t really want to do gels and since I’m not a serious runner doing serious speed, I’ll try just starting to carry that hydration pack with water or maybe gatorade. In Singapore I carried change in my wrist wrap and at 5 miles I’d buy a gatorade, use the bathroom at the Esplanade and then run back home. It was perfect. I’ll keep you posted

How was your day?

I got to do a running photo shoot last year with a brilliant photog – Rob Spence. He was building his portofolio for a project at the time I got to benefit 🙂



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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