WEeeeellll, and again we’re going to have an unexpected rest day. It seems the rest day on my schedule is going to have to be seen as a “floating” rest day. That’s cool though, I loved doing a Sunday run this past week.

After dance class last night I was elated – how I usually feel after class. I managed to rip off the skin from my big toe and since I had agreed to try and learn to navigate the train system to go meet my man at Trivia I was hobbling, but happy 🙂 Plus, even though I get lost walking/running around Dan’s neighborhood, SOMEHOW I made it across town after changing trains to the exact bar I was supposed to, without one wrong turn. Dance class elation X 10!

Today though, I have a rehearsal tonight and a class. The plan was to get my workout done in the morning but instead Dan and I had some business to attend to, and I’d rather hang out with him the rest of the day since I’ll be dancing tonight. So we’re still in our pj’s hanging out and about to go get some lunch and just soak each other up for a while.

Being with someone who isn’t from your country is an eye opening experience for me. For the past nearly 2 years it hasn’t seemed different from dating someone from the US. We both had jobs with the same foreign country and spent 90% of our time together. We were only apart when I went home to visit my family once during our relationship. Now, post Singapore, we’re in between jobs. And its really hard to find a job together when we have passports from different countries. And we’re in the entertainment business, but different skills. I’m a dancer, he’s a singer/actor. What to do? If I don’t get a job with him in a month I have to go back to the US, where I have nothing and I won’t know when I can see him again. I’m learning you can’t just go anywhere as often as you like – 1. it’s expensive and 2. visa’s…It really hasn’t hit me as a reality but sometime last week when I was stressing over not having work and worrying, Dan stopped me. He said if we really only have 6 weeks to be together here without other distractions then he wants to really enjoy our time together. That’s why he’s Yang to my Yin. I need him to remind me of what’s important. I can very easily get caught up in details. I’m the epitome of that saying “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Sometimes, literally.

So I’m blowing off my workout today to stay in my sweat pants. Dan is sitting next to me on his computer, legs touching – yes this is 21st century bonding, ha ha. Tommorrow, back to our regularly scheduled programming


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Posting pictures of feet on blog = bold bravery haha. 😉
    I wish I had someone that is the Yang to my Yin, you are a lucky girl.

  2. Cuddling = best reason to take a rest day. I used to be a dancer, and I loved the bloody torture my feet would look like. Marks of glory, I say 😉 I hope your toe heals quickly, though!

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