Sugar Shakes

Cheat Day will now be referred to as “Sugar Sunday”. I don’t like the idea that I’m “cheating” on anything and since I’m not on a diet I can’t cheat. However, not having any kind of sugar except the whole fruit was awesome this week. So, I’m only having sugar (and any kind of junk/not “clean food” like cheese, fries, alcohol. but “junk sunday” sounded like garbage day) on Sunday’s – Sugar Sundays 🙂 It’s like having a party. And it makes social situations easy “no thanks. I only eat sugar on sundays” See, genius. To be honest sugar really has been holding me back fitness wise. When I eat sugar the way I want to I don’t get enough nutritious calories.

My nutrition left me feeling great this week. “Cheat Day” left me feeling queasy, but that’s normal. I know the idea behind it, spike calories once a week to keep that metabolism cranking and not adapting to low calories. Eating so clean has felt really good on energy and brain, though the first week is all about getting into the habits. I’m looking forward to week 2….now. After my sugar consumption and consequent stomach ache I said to Dan “waaaah, no I give up. I hate cheat days. forget this”  Which is what I always say. Especially the first week. Before I remember that cheat day doesn’t have to make me sick. Then Dan’s mom said she wanted to eat the way I’m eating with me, complete with “sugar sunday”.  THAT IS JUST PLAIN FUN. I’m already having fun working towards the PT certification together and she’s a workout queen in my books – meaning I’m not the only lady running around oogling Nike capri pants and compression leggings. I can have sugar sunday if I’m preparing to have it WITH someone. Brace yourself for recipes. Like those banana chocolate chip oat cookies – perfect for sugar sunday with the FMIL. Or pita and hummus my favorite food in the whole wide world. I’m stoked (and easily entertained, but I embrace that)

Here’s an unexpected perk to this nutrition plan. Remember how I had to make Tuesday a rest day and postpone my run? A “long” (as in longer then I have been running since October) run just fell out of my legs tonight. After the extra carbs/sugar/calories I felt great running my 5 miler outside in the cool of the evening. During the week the HIIT workouts have really helped my lungs, already. So today when I set out I just enjoyed every mile. And wanted to go more. I think long run days scheduled on sugar sunday is really going to help me tack on that mileage!

So, while I don’t want to trigger anyone by posting what I usually eat (comparisons can be a bitch, I know. and everyone has different needs), I thought I would post you my Sugar Sunday eats today! It’s NOT a normal day. It’s a day for Fun Fun Fun…

 My favorite breakfast every – scrambled eggs, avocado and toast. and an un-pictured English Breakfast tea.







 most of this bag. they were PERFECT








oh and just to keep it real y’all, I had to take last minute bikini pictures for a job prospect. What’s making me smile? I’m thinking about my next sugar hit coming soon.









But I needed a salty palate cleanser so a handful of these was in order










Before blasting through some gummies








I’m not going to lie to you, I felt blech after that. I waited an hour and went for my run. 1 mile in I felt some gastro discomfort and thought I’d have to dash home but after 2 miles it went away and I soaked up every second. I’m spoiled and when I came home Dan’s mom had made me the perfect dinner:

Sugar Sunday did it’s job. I don’t want to look at another gummy for a good long time. Or like a week. Now, to drink green tea and watch the Super Bowl!!!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Tiffany Lawrence

    Is it bad that my goal is your body??? LOL Holy cannoli woman! hey I’m about to do some hot yoga woohoo!!! And I totally now have a cheat day in full effect…Wednesdays (which of course is my Saturday). I gotta come up with a catchy nickname for it though…

    • LOL! Aim a little higher my dear, but compliment accepted 😉 I really have to try your version of “hot yoga”. I miss Tony and when the airconditioning is off I sweat like crazy. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one having cheat days. I know it works but it freaks me out until I’m sure. So, YAY now I feel supported. How about “wicked wednesday” or “anything I want wednesday”?

  2. I wouldn’t worry about “triggering” others, honestly, you should be able to eat and post about whatever you like! Glad you are finding a nutrition plan that gives leaves you feeling good about yourself but also enjoying some treats.

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