Training Plan

Yesterday was Monday so it was the perfect day to start my training and nutrition plan. I’m going to set a 6 month range so I can measure success. Plus, I turn 30 in six months. I keep forgetting 🙂 6 months isn’t an end date it’s just a forseeable future to regroup and see whats working and what’s not.

What I took into consideration:

  • I knew that I wanted to incorporate marathon training so I can work towards a race (check!) Which works out well since I want to lose mass in my legs and it has been suggested in some of the research I’ve been doing that “marathon cardio” for 6 months is what is neccessary (that would be med-high steady state jogging for 45-60 minutes in a fasted state), with a couple other guidelines pertaining to when to eat and what to eat.
  • I wanted to continue toning my muscles to gain strength and lose fat but also lose mass on my legs and maintain not gain mass anywhere else
  • I want a plan flexible enough to deal with the fact that I don’t live alone and make my own schedule all the time and often don’t have access to a gym.
  • I want the plan to allow that dancing is my first priority.
  • I want a plan that isn’t expensive or cost any extra money really.  I don’t want a plan that requires synthetic or specialty foods
  • I want a plan that I can maintain over a long period of time – if I’m on a ship or traveling to another country..ect. I want an eating plan and an exercise plan that is usable in all circumstances.

So I decided to mix 2 things together and drop everything else for now just to simplify my workouts. I need strength and endurance training, for dancing and also for acting. Film requires that I look good, dance requires that I can go for long periods of time with high energy. And running is becoming an interest of mine.

I’m going to do a marathon training plan (I have a 6 month plan) + Rusty of Fitness Black Book’s Visual Impact for Women. I’m going to do yoga podcasts whenever I want in addition to what I’m doing. They won’t be scheduled but on rest days or running days or just days I feel tight or uncentered I can always do a yoga podcast if I want to, have time, or need an extra stretch.

As for nutrition (I banish the word “diet” I had promised myself not to diet ever again. But nutrition guidelines sometimes help me) I’m going to do a pretty stripped down basic eating plan that my ex boyfriend actually came up with and I followed it when I first started working out for muscles. Its pretty much a clean eating diet with 9 foods eaten in any combination during the week and then a Sunday “Cheat Day”. People have mixed feelings about cheat days but I found I had a great success and energy when I did this eating plan before. I hesitate to outline the actual plan. I find that it can be triggering to people who may be struggling with eating disorders but if you’re curious you can email me.

So here is my training plan for the next month (I want to keep the format but switch up the exercises every 4 weeks using my budding PT knowledge. I’m taking a cue from P90X). Visual Impact is a 2 day split workout plan. Each day is a stripped down weight workout that has one exercise/body part except legs. Day one includes 2 ab moves but Day 2 does not. I don’t want to post exactly what the program is but if you’re interested check it out. I had mentioned I was going to play around with it over Christmas. It doesn’t make me work as hard as P90X or other programs but I think that’s the point, coming at it from another angle to get a different result. I didn’t like the bulk I gained from P90X and other programs.

When I first started P90X and the clean eating plan. Yes I had much longer hair…one day I will again.










It’s not necessarily for strength like Crossfit or Bodybuilding. It’s for building strength really slowly in order to keep muscles small. The program suggests “marathon cardio” as well as the program if you’re looking to lose some muscle not just maintain and tone. I want to lose muscle mass, especially on my legs so this is what I’m doing. It isn’t reccommended for longer then a 6 month period. Training for my first marathon ties in, but I won’t be training for speed this time around, just to do the miles and lose the muscle and build endurance. That’s enough for me now. I will have to remind myself of that when I complain about how slow I am 🙂 I’ll do most of my miles at least 3-4 hours after eating, but ideally in the morning in a fasted state. Sometimes that won’t be convenient and I think once I get to double digit miles it may not be practical. We’ll see.

This is me today. I’ve lost considerable ab-age (and hair!) BUT I am quite a bit smaller which is what I wanted. Now, to keep running until I fall in love with it and cut these abs up…










Mon – Day 1 Visual Impact Workout which is weight training + 20 minutes HIIT treadmill intervals

Tue – Run + Ab Ripper X ( 16 minute abs that never fails to increase my ab definition)

Wed – Day 2 Visual Impact Workout

Thu – Run + Ab Ripper X

Fri – Day 1 Visual Impact

Sat – Day 2 Visual Impact + Run (so after the 20 min HIIT interval, a short run day)

Sun – Rest Day / Cheat Day











So there you have it. I have gone without a defined training plan for a good long time and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility. But I think it’s time for a change (I go through phases and I like to honor those phases. I think it’s healthy). I used to enjoy taking the brain out of it and just looking at the schedule and following what was there. That way when desire was not it didn’t really require desire, just following the schedule. There will be things that change the schedule here and there – I still have 5 more classes at the gym that my FMIL got me for Christmas (YES!) so if I go with her that will take the place of a weight workout. And I’m not having a cheat day this Sunday. I’m having it Monday because…. Dan and I are watching the Superbowl on Monday morning!!! Yay! I love it here in Australia but I am a  little bit homesick and so I feel really lucky that the Superbowl is being played on free to air television LIVE!  Our Monday morning = your (well USA’s) Sunday Evening! We’ve decided to start our drinking at 10am with the game and to go authentic Superbowl snacks. We’ll be barracking (barracking=rooting in Australia. Rooting = doing the nasty in Oz. I’ve made the mistake of “rooting for a team” in public here. It’s embarassing) for the NY Giants only because our team, the Cincinnati Bengals, didn’t make it. And one day soon we hope to make NY our home 🙂

See a new training schedule, an awesome life, NFL… things a great


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  1. I’m glad you took the time to make a great plan, you will see huge gains!

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