Just Do It

Well I don’t know where I’ll be but it’s about 6 months away so I just made one myself. After searching all over for virtual marathons to no avail I created one on Nike+. I may be in LA or NYC or on a cruise ship or on an island somewhere but so help me I’ll run it on a treadmill (hey Hungry Runner Girl ran a treadmill marathon. and while I wasn’t envious I was waaaay impressed) if I have to. Run a Marathon is on my list of things to do before 30 and it doesn’t look like I’m getting much of that list done. A while ago I bought the Marathon Roadmap from No Meat Athlete so I think I’ll tear into that. I will love running sooner or later so help me! Also Maia suggested an obstacle course like the Warrior Dash which I’ve always wanted to do – it appeals to my badass desires 🙂

Join me?

Carrie put it best “get out of your head for a while”. I live in my head. A lot. It’s really annoying. So today I just did it. I jumped on the treadmill, jogged three miles, hopped off, did bodyrock and some abs and called it a day.  I want to be a runner, I have to run. And I do so love having visible abs and being capable of doing push ups and stuff so bodyrock too.

After doing both today though, I decided that run days and bodyrock days won’t be the same.  I’m going to loosely try to follow the No Meat Athlete Marathon Roadmap (more info to come) which has me running 3-4 days a week. On run days I can do yoga, which I’m starting to fall in love with. On non run days I can do bodyrock and/or Visual Impact (weighted workout). That’s a pretty flexible plan, which I want, but also the structure I’m needing right now.

I’ll give you a full rundown of my plans in a separate post. There’s another chunk of this I never like looking at. Nutrition. I believe it was also Carrie who called me out on inadequate training nutrition months ago when I was working towards a 10k and always tired or hungry. I don’t eat enough to support training. I don’t like eating in the morning or before I work out or after I workout. I constantly feel like I need to be smaller and to lose weight. I don’t feel athletic enough to need to eat very much. Not so now. Every training program talks about recovery fuel 30 minutes after running or training and I NEVER put any calories in me that soon after working out. That’s changing. Today after my run and workout I had a small protein shake. I don’t like drinking protein shakes because they’re not natural but running as many miles as I’d like to is also not natural – and neither are chocolate chips which I seem to have no problem eating. In the absence of a blender I may have to drink a shake here and there.

I got Dan and I some fish oil, one step forward in our effort to take vitamins (the first step really. but we applaud ourselves when we put chia seeds in our water bottles too).

I rigged up the computer on the treadmill. It has a theraband “seatbelt” holding on 🙂 I am so crafty. I watched interviews with the USA Olympic running team on Runners World while I jogged. He he.

 This is how I look to my computer while running…


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Tiffany Lawrence

    I did P90X yoga track last night and this morning!!!! I miss going to yoga, but now I think it’s more cost effective to just do it in my room LOL Yeah I don’t really like eating in the morning either which is why I have the green smoothie…you may need to invest in a blender because they are filling…I still use the same recipe (varied though) that I found in that magazine of yours I read. XO

    • seriously look up the Tara Stiles podcasts if you have itunes. They’re free and they have yoga that takes anywhere from 4 minutes to 11 minutes. I have been known to do the 6 minute sun salutation twice 🙂 The P90X yoga rocks, it really challenges me!
      I need a blender yo… xo

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