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I had a light workout day and a heavy eating day. I’ve been hungrier lately, but that’s okay. I go through cycles. Some of it I know is psycological hunger and not physical hunger but my psychie is important too so I’m just feeding it. Mostly chocolate chips, salads, oatmeal, hummus and dairy free ice-cream. Mostly the chocolate chips. Don’t ask me why. And I just ended an 20 month oatmeal sabbatical apparently on a whim.

I’m not much of a breakfast person except when Dan wants to take me to one of our favorite places for a breakfast date that usually includes coffee, scrambled eggs and avocado (that’s Boomerang’s breakfast on the left) and usually isn’t until after the 12pm hour anyway. But this week I woke up wanting breakfast, namely oats in soymilk with protein powder. So I went with it. I’ll tell you though, breakfast still makes me feel funky. Today I got to go to the gym with Dan’s mom for a circuit class and body balance. She’s a workout tiger, that was only the first part of her workout out day. I decided on the oats about an hour before the class. Bad idea, I’m not used to working out in the fed state and I’m not used to taking classes at the gym. All that jumping on a full stomach… ah well, live and learn. I googled “best energy foods” because I feel like I’m constantly battling fatigue . One of the reasons I don’t like to run is that I don’t get that freeing feeling that it seems people get – I feel like my legs are cinderblocks and my hips are sharp rachety gears, like my lungs have a hole in them. That’s not exciting. I really thought I’d feel like a sleek muscular stallion. Instead I feel like Bessy the main milking cow. I have this idea that if I keep doing it anyway it’ll get more and more stallion-y and less and less bovine. But I guess I should do it more then once a week. Anyway, there’s a bunch that comes up when using google but I liked this list of 6 energy foods.  A few of my current staples are on it – chocolate, oats, bananas. Any list that includes chocolate is cool in my book.

I had a pretty lazy day after that. So lazy I needed to take a walk later. Sometimes a brisk walk helps me clear my head or write a blog or work out a problem. Sometimes a walk just gives me a chance to be alone. I’m a very solitary person by nature (or maybe nurture, I’m not sure). while I’m a performer and there’s nothing I love more then being on stage or in rehearsal, sweating it out as a team, I’m not one to hang out with the peeps very often.  I’m more of an “us against the world” type of person. Usually my significant other, best friend, sister and maybe one or two other people are the “us” and everyone else is the world – a lovely, beautiful, necessary world, but a separate world.  Sometimes I need to walk to be in the world alone. That walk turned into nearly 6 miles of territory exploration and mediation. It was amazing! When I was heading homeward, wrapping up my deep reflective thoughts, some movement caught my eye and forced me to stop.  There, a foot away from me were 2 kangaroos behind a low fence! I’m from Ohio. Kangaroos only exist in the movies and even though I had seen some out in the forest last weekend with the Fam, seeing them so close all alone, was startling.  The bigger one looked at me and I got scared so I stopped and froze, he froze, so then I walked arching out away from him. He stared me down, watching me until I was just past him then, quick as anything they turned and bounded off through the field! I watched their bobbing heads until they disappeared and I couldn’t distinguish them from the tall grasses.  Again, that “duh” moment…I’m in Australia! How cool is MY life?!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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