Moving On..

I was right, I am better then any negative feelings that crop up.  I slept in hardcore today but I woke up feeling good, feeling ready!  I knew today would be a light workout day if I had any at all. We’re going to…the ATP tonight! I’m really excited, I get all crazy around professional athletes!

But I actually did have time for my workout so I did my bodyrock – which, yes, did include 100 weighted squats.  I did all 100 with no regrets, I let the feelings come in and then go out again. Although I didn’t hold a weight.  I finished the 600 rep workout in 15 minutes.  Then I did Seans workout that simply consisted of doing bicep curls for 3 minutes (I did 57, slowly) and then bent over rows for 3 minutes (65 total).  I like their  workouts but I afterwards I always feel like I haven’t worked out enough. That’s the positive effects of having worked on endurance in the not so distant past. That’s okay. I will run at least once this weekend, I’m sure of it. That will be my lengthy workout. However since I was still wanting a bit more I finally tried the Tara Stiles podcasts. Have I found a new love? I did her 6 minute sun salutations twice through and in all honesty I feel much more open, the legs feel less bulky.  Good stuff. Why have I resisted yoga so much?


This is my squat face – and my bedhead…









So I have two finds for you to check out:

1. the free Tara Styles podcasts on iTunes, they’re VIDEOS so you can yoga newbs like me can follow along (just search Tara Stiles in podcasts).  There’s all kind of videos for different things, some longer some shorter. I’m excited to try her abs routines…

2. for everyone who can’t afford a gymboss or something like that to do bodyrock or HIIT workouts there’s a FREE easy stopwatch online!!! Check this baby out!  you can even set it for 50 seconds, it’ll beep and then you just count to ten and restart it (if you’re doing bodyrock you understand).  That’s what I’ve been doing for ALL of Lisa-Marie’s workouts.  See, no excuses you can find a way to do anything!

oh and yesterday I made my standard banana bread from The Post Punk Kitchen as per usual. And true to form I changed a few things – I only used 1/4 cup of EVOO instead of margarine and I added shredded coconut and chocolate chips (okay, I always add chocolate chips). We had an amazing family dinner last night outside around a burning chimenea and my MIL made my favorite dinner ever – roasted veggies covered in tomato basil sauce!!! The bread came out with dessert and I’m happy to say there’s only like, one piece left. SUCCESS!!!

If you’re vegan or even if you’re not and are just curious check out  Isa Chandra is amazing and she’s the first vegan I started following when I first went vegan in 2007.  I even have one of her cook books but one day I will have ALL HER COOKBOOKS!!! mUaHaHaHa!!


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