Top Five

Top Five Reasons why Dan is the perfect man for me TODAY:

1. Right now Dan is playing the guitar while I’m studying…sigh 🙂

2. Me “ugh, I ate a WHOLE BOX of Shapes!!” (pizza flavored crackers for you americans) Dan”what? who cares? Crista, they’re BAKED not fried!”

3. Dan worked out with me today and taught me a new tricep exercise that I can use my bands for = he knows me so well (not flowers, tricep exercises!!)

4. He didn’t care that I fell asleep while watching that Jean Claude Van Dammit movie.  Thank you baby, you complete me

5. He let me steal his t-shirt and wear it to the eyedoctor because it matched what I was wearing.

Top Five Reasons my life rocks today:

1. I have Dan (read above)

2. My day today consisted of waking up, doing my workout, running errands and getting lunch with D-bag, and studying Personal Training stuff!

3. My perfect  future -MIL bought me matching notebook and binder for our studies…they have pictures of candy covered cupcakes on them!!! She knows me so well!

4. No body cares that I’ve worn the same compression pants to workout in 3 days in a row

5. Similarly noone is teasing me for becoming one of those people I used to tease – the kind that never change out of their workout clothes. Ever









Now, back to a little studying. I may be off the map for a few days, we’re driving about three hours away to where Dan’s Grandmother lives Friday – Sunday.  I’m excited 🙂 and I’ll bringing workout bands with me and knitting might ensue as well! also, there’s that pesky Nike+ half marathon that I think will be a 1/2 marathon walk…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Girl, I totally live in yoga or sweat pants. It’s almost annoying when I have to change into jeans.

    Wait… it IS annoying.

    “It’s ok, they’re baked…” That made me laugh.

    Happy weekend!

    • You’re totally right! I feel OBLIGATED to shower if I’m going to put on my jeans and lately, I just can’t be bothered lol!

      He’s a keeper fo sho cuz he never makes me feel bad no matter what my eating choices are ha!

      ps. sorry about all your snow! I’m really not missing winter and I’m stunned by people who still run in the snow – amazing

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