Balls and Bands

Soooo I can’t take dance tonight because I’m awaiting my new contacts. I was a bit grumpnugget about that but the truth is my eyesight is really bad and I can’t wear glasses in classes…so like it or not I’m out until the new ones come in.  It should only be a few days.

However I jumped back on and did Day 5. It’s a 400 rep workout – it took me 9 minutes.  It was a really great warm up.  Even though it’s easy peasy moves (just 2 moves and one is either jumping rope or running in place) it pushed my endurance. That’s what I’m getting out of bodyrock. I don’t have anykind of endurance fitness or even endurance strength.  I didn’t do the second workout though as I’m finding I don’t really like Sean’s workouts for me. He’s beefy and ripped and I don’t want to be, and his workouts don’t keep me entertained (I know, it’s all about me). So I did Day 1 of my two day Visual Impact workout but without the cardio. I feel like my abs and arms changed quickly after Christmas and I was just doing Visual Impact and then quickly did Bodyrock.  I think my fitness ADD is kind of good right now, my body isn’t used to anything I’m changing it up all the time!

Cold and not wanting to workout…









Posin’ it for the camera! You so want me as your future personal trainer don’t you!




















Not flexing so I can “princess Kate” wave.  I don’t want you to think I walk around with my abs looking like the above picture.  This is me relaxed and breathing out.  I should do a post about posing. You can get some amazing pictures just by playing with lighting and how you’re twisting your body.  You think I always look like this?? NO.  I have “fat arm” pictures and “spare tire” shots…so do fitness models and even regular models (except maybe Kate Moss but you know…)







And it’s funny my diet just evens itself out as soon as I’m not on a diet anymore 🙂 Yes, yesterday I ate 1/4 loaf of (my own homemade vegan) banana bread – and I had stomach cramps- but I didn’t regret it in the least. It was delicious 🙂 But I woke up this morning feeling fine, my measurements are less then this past week (what?!) and my stomach is flat. It’s almost like I needed the extra calories or the day off. I think it’s very possible with the carbs taken out of my diet I just wasn’t eating enough meat and veg and fat to compensate calorically. my bad.  So my normal eating patterns are fine. I had a banana and green tea for brekkie. After my workout I slammed a big salad with avocado, sauteed eggplant, corn and cucumber topped with a little olive oil and sunflower seeds and goji berries.  It was amazing and I felt good.  Then I made Avery’s mexican wedding cookies as promised but with honey (instead of agave – couldn’t find it at the grocery store) and no coconut oil.  And sampled some 🙂 They’re AWESOME and I love the honey + cocoa flavor. SOOOO good and grain free, oil free, processed sugar free and NOT delicious free.

I wish I was dancing tonight. But since I’m not, it’s finally been decided – I’m doing an online Personal Training Certification course. And the best part is… Dan’s mom is also doing it with me!!! So while we’re in limbo and I feel like a useless shlep, REALLY I’ll be getting this certification I’ve wanted for a while now, working out like it’s my job and dancing regularly.  It’s kind of a dream come true. And in about a month I’ll be certified!! I can’t wait! Just think of changes I can make to this blog…

Also, I wanted to address something. I get a few questions here and there about what I eat on a day to day basis. And I think it’s a valid question because, as someone with a previous and long struggle with an eating disorder, I often have wondered “WHAT DO I EAT? HOW MUCH IS NORMAL? WHAT DO NORMAL NOT FAT PEOPLE EAT” and I looked to other people for some kind of an idea of normal.  However, one reason I don’t post what I eat daily, in list form or picture form (remember when I tried that 30x where I took a picture of everything I ate in a day to post it…and how it didn’t last more then a week) is because I am well aware that not only am I NOT IN ANY WAY qualified to advise people nutritionally – I’m not a doctor or a nurse or nutritionist- but also I am still struggling with an eating disorder on some level. There, I’ve put it out there for you.  I don’t know how much or what to eat, I often feel I am eating too much to then find out I am eating less then a normal (and healthy) amount of calories in a day.  I don’t feel I’m a role model for eating and nutrition – I have a lot of self obtained knowledge and theories, but alas, only myself as a guinea pig.  Now, I do strive to be a role model in this way – every day I live my life for happiness, health and wholeness and above all love.  I don’t give up.  I want to live healthy and thrive and I am constantly working towards, enjoying and learning in this capacity.  I workout out, I eat, I change things that don’t seem to be working.  There is no reason to give up on anything.  You’re struggling with an ED? Me too.  It hasn’t stopped me because I don’t let it.  I learn, I try, I ask for help, I move forward.  You can too.  I let people show me love and it heals me. You don’t feel like you have enough time for a healthy life? You travel or don’t know if you’re “good enough” to get into fitness? You are.  Let me inspire you, let me show you what works for me.  In this way, I am a roll model.  I was 14 when I passed out in the shower and was subsequently diagnosed with anorexia.  It took me two full years to get to a liveable weight.  But that was so long ago. I worked hard to get healthy, I committed to myself, my health and MY happiness.  And it pays off in spades.  I can tell you THAT.

I can’t tell you what I eat on a daily basis.  I can’t tell you what you should eat on a daily basis.  In fact, I found that focusing on my daily food by writing it down, posting pictures of it aggravates my disordered thoughts and patterns. So I don’t do it. If you’re unsure, consult a nutritionist.  I CAN tell you it’s worthing asking a professional, it’s worth figuring out, it’s worth working for yourself and your health.

The important things in life that I try to document:


holding hands with my lover










topless rides with my bestie!!! Remember the jeep Mel-belle?!!










making (and eating) cookies with beautiful friends










having energy to work up a sweat the fun way (one of the many fun ways)










That was heavy.  I need a chocolate coconut ball stat…

PS. One of my new fave websites, check IT out



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