Today is a great day! We got to catch up with a beautiful wonderful friend in the city, then I dragged my sore, achy-from-a-milion-lunges ass to 2 dance classes.  Thank you commercial jazz teacher for great classes and reminding me that I adore dancing so much I forget my nearly 30 year old legs are sore and they feel like butterfly wings when I get that combo just right. Y’all know what I’m talking about, even if you’re not a dancer. If you’re a runner (which I’m not so I never feel this running) but I imagine you hit that stride/pace that just feels like you’re flying and you could go forever. I get then when I understand a combo and can start to perform it instead of constantly trying to remember the choreography.  I hit that today and went with it, hard.











And then when I got home I had a great email from Liz (second shout out!!) about our bodyrockin’ fitness and I just had to pick my sweaty self off of the chair and do the Day 4 workout.  It sucked. I did it, I’m not proud of my performance, but I am SPENT.  I’m just glad I did it. There’s a stubborn prideful part of me that wants to do it again to do it well instead of like the candyass that I just was – buuuut the other, more logical part of me knows that I was a candyass because I am sore, tired, that I have pushed this week to get back into dancing and completely changed my workout AND (as if that wasn’t enough) taken carbohydrates out of my diet.  We’re good here. I’m going to shower and call it a win. I need to shower mostly because I need to style my hair. ANd I’ve worn that sports bra two days in a row…











The diet is evening out, getting easier.  We went out to breakfast today with a friend and I had scrambled eggs and avocado with black tea.  It was delicious. That was at 11am.  I got home from dance at 5 and was a bit peckish so I had a raw carrot and green tea before my sad little workout.  But that was good. I am sustained, I don’t feel bloated or hungry or like I’m craving anything or like I overate. All wins in my book. I guess I’m not a cold turkey person anymore – I used to pride myself in my dieting ability, I could give up anything, even food- but maybe this is better, healthier even. Maybe when I get the hang of things in a few weeks or a month I can then commit to that Whole30 program.  I’m keeping it my file for later. But for now, lets just get through next week without fruit, grain or dairy (other then some cheese). For full disclosures sake, I’m going to allow myself to have dark chocolate when I want and red wine too. But I don’t have any on hand so that’s helpful.  And I don’t have a car for late night cravings – damn! and good 🙂

 What I’m thankful for today:

1. DAN who has happily taken me into the city to take my beloved dance classes and then waited in the car 2 – 2.5 hours each time until I was done to drive me home. Or escort me on the train like today.  You are my hero!

2. Dan’s mom who’s been cooking healthy delicious food (that caters to my diet dujor even) for us starving artists nearly every day. I will miss you even more then chocolate once we get a job and have to eat like adults again

3. my body. Thank you for not forgetting how to dance and how important it is to me. I will pay you back with healthy food and some chocolate too.



What are you doing for workouts in the New Year?

What are you thankful for today (sounds cheesy but I’m in a grateful mood so I’m going with it)?




About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Your arms are looking like spindles of muscle!
    Wrecked my knee on yesterday’s run. May have to switch to P90X while it repairs. Lesson learned – train safely.

  2. Woo second shout out! 🙂 You look fantastic — keep it up!

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