First things first – last nights paleo dinner, a win 🙂 I totally recommend Fast Paleo for recipes

I made this bidness! I actually ate one of these tomato’s stuffed with extra lean ground beef/onion/herbs/bacon with a side salad and mushrooms.  It was pretty good.  I still miss vegetarian only food.  I was never a vegetarian who ate fake meat because I really don’t prefer it. But dinner was good. and Dan and fam liked it,Win! I then proceeded to stuff my face later with coconut, dates and chocolate chips. Fail 😦  I don’t know what it was yesterday but I was exhausted body and soul.  I napped, I took a rest day, I ate a lot.  But I don’t really think it was a fail because after an epic sleep in today (nearly noon) I feel 100 times better.  I have energy and while I opted for another rest day I made it an active rest day – I went for a 4 mile walk and I have 2 dance classes tonight. I’ll get my bodyrock on tomorrow.  The bodyrock schedule allows for 2 rest days so I’m not worried at all.  I need to feel good to do my best.

This afternoon I promptly made Dan and I scrambled eggs then went for my walk.  Now I’m going to shower and get ready for dance classes and I had an apple as a snack.  I’m trying to be smart about my food and despite really missing my old eating ways (vegetarian, warrior schedule) I have to admit that my stomach isn’t bloated or in pain, I don’t have a headache and today I have energy.  So, not bad.  Have to give this way of eating a fighting chance before I dismiss it.  It’s getting easier to make food decisions every day.  In another week I think I’ll find a very comfortable groove, comfortable and accessible al.

I may have slept in also because I stayed up until nearly 3am reading 🙂 I finished one of the books I got for Christmas called “The Map of True Places” by Brunonia Barry. It’s fiction. I loved it, I gobbled it up in less then a week…

Now on to the next book I got from Dan for Christmas (I picked it out and gave it to him to wrap. sometimes a girl just knows what she wants!) It’s Diane Keatons Memoir.  I’m stoked to read it, I love her!




Off to shower!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Hi, i want to ask which daiso did u buy your compression sock? and when was it? Thank you so much, very appriciate your info. Thx 😀

    • Hey! I got it at the Daiso in Vivo City in Singapore like, 6 months ago or around then? Are you in Singapore? There’s a Daiso in Ion at Orchard too. They were so cheap!

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