Want a Paleo/Whole30 Update??

I feel good, really good. No stomach problems, no insatiable hunger, no nothing, which is amazing news. It’s only been a few days so no need to jump to conclusions but, so far so good. I’ll be honest, I miss being a vegetarian, grain consumer and my daily soy lattes. Some people look at Paleo for health and weight loss and think it’s the best thing ever because they can eat all their favorites – steak, eggs, bacon- every day.  My mom loves the Atkins diet she’s been on forever because she’s enviably skinny while regularly consuming burgers, steak, bacon and cheese.  This is hell to me. My favorite foods are pita and hummus, crackers, trail mix (which I can’t eat because I’m allergic to nuts), soy lattes, jelly beans and frozen yogurt. None of which I can eat right now. BUT all of my eating habits are just that, habits.  Habits can be broken.  So I’ve stuck to my guns, limiting fruit to breakfast (which seemed to take away the bloating), eating meat (only in the form of chicken right now) eggs and vegetables, even shunning the delicious feta cheese in my salad yesterday because my health is worth it.  However I have allowed myself two “cheats” that make this new lifestyle doable on a daily basis for now.  I can have dark chocolate chips when I want them and a diet coke (not 12 like I want but 1 a day).  That may sound really awful since it means I’m not really doing Whole30 but it helps me shun everything else I like, crave, or am used to eating – grains, cheese, soy, hummus, milk in my tea and all other sweets.  I am not in “diet” mode this way. I made a little tupperware of shredded coconut with dark chocolate chips and raw sunflower seeds and it really does the dessert trick!! I find it amazing that I’m not suffering from hunger as I remember the constant hunger of the Atkins diet driving me first to eating synthetic carb depleted bars and second INSANE.  I’m not hungry all the time, perhaps from my recent flirting with intermittent fasting? Or the fact that I’m consuming next to nothing processed? I’m not sure but it’s all good to me.

Tonight, to further my education and paleo experience I’m making the family dinner instead of just enjoying the labors of Dan’s mom 🙂 So I picked a recipe from Fast Paleo and it’ll be my first attempt at cooking AND EATING beef in over a decade – other then the bites Dan gives me here and there, which has been a really good beginning for me.  I’m making stuffed tomato’s.  We just went shopping and I have to say I’m a little excited about it.  It’s lean ground beef with a little bit of natural bacon and onion stuffed into hollowed out tomato and baked.  I might put cheese on Dan’s but not mine.  I plan to serve it with a side of sauteed mushrooms and a salad.  I don’t need to eat a lot of the beef I just have to start to try.

Wish me luck….

This is me making a new habit! Lunch today was a chicken wrap – unwrapped and eating with a fork! Easy! I threw the pita away quickly afterword so I wasn’t tempted to pick at it 🙂

ps. the dance classes were AMAZING!!! I love dancing so much and I’ve really missed being in a class setting. You really do get so much out of it! I am sore today and Dan implemented an every other day dance class plan and though I didn’t want to I had to agree that it probably would be the most beneficial – physically AND fiscally.  Especially since I plan to keep up my daily training anyway.  I thought today I should make it a rest day but I’m really intrigued by the bodyrock workout for today. So I don’t know if I can keep myself away… we’ll see. My legs are screaming at me presently


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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