En Fuego

 I’m ready to Bodyrock!










Before this Bodyrock workout











After the workout….


















A few conclusions:

1. I am totally turned onto Bodyrock.tv.  All the instructors bodies are amazing and I like the challenge that the HIIT style workout gives me.  I haven’t worked out in that capacity in a while.  Yes to under 20 minute sweat-fests.

2. My abs are pretty bangin’ for all the worry I’ve lent them.  Not much holiday damage there contrary to the amount of chocolate and jelly beans I remember consuming…

3. I need a tan. I am a pasty monster.  I am not a fan of tanning because I like my skin and I know I look younger then my actual age – I contribute this to low sun exposure, pretty good diet, and genetics.  I’m afraid if I tan I’ll shrink up and wrinkle like a raisin.  However I know I’d look better with a healthy glow… sunless lotions? What are your thoughts

4. I like the way my body has shaped up EXCEPT wtf with my legs? I know they’re muscular and that’s why they’re big but they don’t look toned, they just look…there.  I want to shrink them up and tone them a bit.  Thoughts? Ideas?

I loved the workout and it’s challenging to me right now especially since I haven’t been doing things like burpees, mountain climbers and pushing my fitness in that way.  I like how I feel afterwards, like I utilized my time well and when I’m feeling my energy flagging I just remind myself how short the workout actually is.  However I feel like I should workout again or, more specifically, do that 12 minute workout again.  I probably would have except I’m really saving up my energy for classes tonight.  I want to stay on the conservative side, energy wise.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve had dance classes and I know myself well enough to realize that the classes probably won’t be my best work since I’m just jumping back in. I’m hard on myself, naturally, so I’m trying to give me all the benefit of energy and enthusiasm as I can.  It’s an important skill I’ve picked up in this difficult career path filled with constant change, rejection and requiring resiliency – I give myself the benefit of the doubt, every opportunity to succeed and feel good. I think this is a really invaluable practice that benefits everyone, not just in my own career path. You have to be your own best friend, no matter how many best friends you have outside of yourself, or lovers, or family – you have to be the biggest fan of you.  Remember you always sleep with yourself, no matter where you are.

Okay, enough of that for now.  Wish me luck! and fill me in on your workouts and New Years resolutions and stuff!



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Rocking abs-what kicked them into perfection? Madonna’s trainer ( Tracy?) has a program for lean muscles. Could help with your legs. Athletes tend to carry power in the quads and hams. It’s what makes your talent possible.

    • I don’t know why my abs don’t look like holiday abs… maybe the green tea? I haven’t been doing a lot of ab work just planks and leg raises 2 times a week. Oh, did you end up trying the Tracey Anderson workout? I forgot! Maybe that would help…

  2. Oh oh oh! You look fab! You could already be one of the Bodyrock trainers! I looked it up after you wrote about it (I don’t know when, but I just read it yesteday) and now I’m watching interval timers prices on Amazon, debating whether or not to purchase one 🙂 I didn’t watch any of the videos but the trainers look great so I’m kind of intrigued and my “before” pictures would look nooooooooothinggggggggggg like yours! Add several pounds of flabby stuff and it’d be more like me 😉

    Good luck! Glad you’re enjoying your time down under … such a great country. Enjoy those classes!

  3. Thanks Liz 🙂 I don’t feel like one of those trainers, the workout yesterday kicked my ass big time! I want an interval timer but I used the timer on Dan’s phone (not an iPhone) and it worked great! you’re supposed to set the timers at 50/10 (50 seconds then a beep, 10 seconds then a beep) so I set his timer for 50 seconds. When it goes off I count to ten while I press reset, then at 10 seconds I press start for my next exercise. You can use anything with an audible beep that takes just a click to reset!

    Tell me if you try a workout! I’m loving Australia 🙂

    • Yeah I could try to use my phone, or my stop watch, but I’d have to look at the exercises too during those 10 seconds to figure out what the hell I’m doing next, so we’ll see. I realized I turn 30 in exactly 15 weeks FROM TODAY (Thursday) so it seems like the perfect day to start! AND I have nothing after work today, so it’s go time. Next week I start classes again, so I’ll have to d more working out in the morning before work (ick). I’ve been sick all week though … no more excuses. 🙂 I start tonight!

      • yay!!! Let me know how it goes!! I have to watch the workout a few times through before doing it so I know what I’m doing next. I write it down and THEN finally do the workout. The prep takes me longer then the actual workout but I think once you’ve done bodyrock for a bit you know what they’re going to do 🙂 I can’t believe we turn 30 this year…weird!

      • Okay well I did Day 1 (the fitness test) and Day 2 last night … definitely killer! I also definitely had to modify a LOT in the Day 2 workout because I was already tired and having a hard time breathing from being sick all week, but I still think it was good! I also had to watch the video a couple of times to see what to do and then also to improvise since I don’t have the sand bag (I did use 10 lb weights though). Hopefully it’s possible to modify these workouts whenever they use random other shit I don’t own!

        And my birthday is 17 weeks from yesterday, not 15, apparently I can’t count (haha) so that makes it a little better already 🙂

      • Oh I totally modify! I don’t have all that stuff and I don’t plan on buying it to cart around the globe 🙂 I used two 5lb dumbells for the sandbag and just did the same movements. I have to modify some stuff, like I can’t do a million push ups so by the end of the Day 2 workout I’m doing girl push ups on my knees. and I don’t have a dip station. I am about to try Day 3 but I have to watch it a few times and figure everything out… ergh, you’re not alone.

        yay 2 extra weeks until 30!!!

        Let me know how you feel, after Day 2 and a few dance classes I was so sore I took two rest days!

      • Oh holy hell. I just did day 3 and it was rough. Again, I modified a ton of stuff since I don’t have things and was freaking dead tired. Whew. I finished like half an hour ago, stretched, showered, and I’m still taking deep breaths to recover! I just REALLY need to modify my eating in order to see real / better results … that’s my super downfall. Foooooood.So yummy. And, wrote blog post I realize, but I am AMAZED you’re eating meat again. I tried a steak about … oh …5 years ago or so, just one bite, and couldn’t eat it. I chewed it for a bit but couldn’t swallow it. I just don’t think red meat has a place in my diet anymore, and I’m fine with that.

        Is your email still the same, the gmail address? I’ll just start an email thread rather than keeping posting this for all of the internets to see every day 🙂

        I’m proud of you!!! Keep it up!!!

  4. ummmm can I please have your body! WOW girl you are so gorgeous! I want those abs 🙂

  5. Liz! My email is crista.leopardi@gmail.com. I just finished Day 3 holy crap I feel weak! I started to do the guy’s workout (sean?) and I just didn’t like it so I did Lisa’s workout AGAIN. How does that teeny tiny girl bust out so many push ups?? I was on my knees. But the best part about these is they’re only 12 minutes long so I just tell myself to do the exercise slower but keep going. I can’t do a lot of the stuff though, like the tricep dips and stuff. yeek. And I don’t like eating meat at all. I’m still playing with my diet. yeah, lets email!! ps. knowing you did the workout helped me to actually do it myself today, so thanks!

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