Resolutions Shmezalutions…

So, I don’t do resolutions though. I make goals all the time and I’m constantly feeling out how those goals are working for my life and staying flexible to the changing nature of life in general, but specifically my evolving career.  I do have two new nutrition goals to incorporate as I think they are relevant to my health and fitness goals.  But I’ll be honest, one is really out of my comfort zone.

We’ll jump right in

1. Drink hot green tea. Every day.

I know this is detoxifying, good for you, keeps me from being able to drink as much diet coke and coffee and helps with energy. I already started and really its a nice habit. I’m not a green tea lover but I don’t hate it either and I’ve been pretty successful at making it a behavioral change. Heat up kettle grab green tea bag. Done! Okay so that was the easiest one…

2. Go Paleo/Primal (as in primal blueprint)

Okay, I’ve made it clear I don’t want to go on diets and I mean that. No diets.  And also I’ve been vegetarian and vegan off and on for years and I like that lifestyle, it’s comfortable for me and I feel good about myself and what I’m eating and choosing not to eat. Also when I had my cancer scare a lot of my research revealed many theories on self healing of diseases and specifically cancer through raw/high raw vegan lifestyle.  And ever since I’ve been fairly committed to my sometimes vegan but mostly vegetarian patterns.

But the truth is I do suffer from health problems.  Allergies have been cropping up (hello all inclusive, annoying nut allergy), I’ve had non stop respiratory problems, crippling fatigue even during my workouts, and I’ve had troubles sleeping for as long as I can remember. I’ve been struggling with a lot of stomach pain and cramping for years, often cultivating in what seems like a mass where my appendix is but after probing for cysts, appendicitis and other things the doctors have found nothing. I have been diagnosed with IBS – though it was a long time ago. The time has come to try something different. So although I feel really uncomfortable I want to try to eat a primarily meat, eggs, vegetable diet with no grains, legume or processed sugar. No sugar probs won’t happen but my sugar and grain consumption is high presently. I adore pita bread especially with hummus, cereal and crackers especially when I’m hungry and kind find anything to satiate. and my love of candy (lollies as they say here) is known far and wide. But my quality of life is suffering and I’m becoming more high maintenance as the days pass.

So, starting today I gave up the grain and sugar and am working to embrace the meaty side of life. I know it’ll make me feel better if I look into where to purchase “kinder” meat because the idea of how animals are treated in a standard farm environment makes me want break down in tears. It’s going to be a bit of a process. I’ve had some chicken and turkey recently and I’m okay though I don’t really enjoy it. I told myself I’d definitely try meat at family dinner tonight but when I stared the beef slices in the face I lost my nerve. I had the salad, boiled potato’s and hardboiled eggs. Fruit for dessert – I’m on the fence  as to whether I should take out fruit and potato, it’s natural, not a grain, not a processed sugar, but I’m wondering if taking out carbs other then vegetable carbs would benefit my energy levels. I’m intrigued by the idea of draining glucose from your body and forcing it burn fat for fuel.  I’ve read studies on how after the “low carb flu” passes and fat burning becomes your natural state the energy available to you is abnormally high.  I’d love to try that. But I think since we’re still visiting and traveling that I’ll start with cutting out grain and sugar and legumes completely.  Potato and fruit is natural and unprocessed so I won’t touch those until I come to conclusions about the rest of my eating patterns.  AND the biggest thing will be to try to incorporate meat on a regular basis.  I feel so wierd trying to eat another animal, I don’t know how to explain it since it’s not a scientific thing, it’s my feelings. I feel guilty, sad and like a predator.  And yet when I think about animals in the wild I don’t judge a lion for eating it’s prey.  That’s the cycle of nature! In fact when I think of it in terms of nature vegetarianism seems like the less natural option. I just feel weird. We’ll see…I’m sure at some point theres only so much salad and eggs I can eat – although I don’t know, I love both those things 🙂 I can probably go a long time… The nut allergy makes this a little more tricky but I’ll work it out I’m sure.

I know that everyone has their own ideas about whether to eat meat or not and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone.  Opinions are welcome but realize that this is a decision I have made for now, with my own health and experiences in mind.  I am studying myself. I’m not a doctor, I haven’t involved a nutritionist and I really can’t judge anyones moral ideas. But this is what I think I’ll try. I’ve been reading up on Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint and different Paleo texts and I’m using them as a base.  and my Mom has been on the Atkins diet for like 12 years with great results and good health.  Her one issue has been acidic saliva that is eroding her teeth, she’s still looking into remedying that.

I think those two goals along with my new training endeavors is enough change for now.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m off to have my cup of green tea now. The kind I drink at night is vanilla green tea, it smells amazing…

Happy Green Tea Abs 🙂


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